If you’ve chosen your perfect TV and home theatre system, you can complete your set-up with a BrightHouse TV stand. All of our TV stands are designed to neatly accommodate your television, DVD/Blu-ray, and gaming equipment, while being a stylish addition to your home. Our range includes different materials and styles so you can find your perfect match, and some even include built-in sound systems to provide a top quality audio experience.

All of our TV stands are available on our weekly payment plans with BrightHouse. Our weekly prices also include delivery and installation of your new TV stand.  Optional BrightCare cover is available on all our stands, offering fast repairs if they develop a fault or a brand new replacement if we can’t fix it (like-for- like replacements on refreshed products) or, you can choose independent cover.

Visit your local BrightHouse store to view a selection of our fantastic products, and pick up a free catalogue to take home with you.