Store Closures

Over the next few weeks we will be closing a small number of stores. You will find the list of stores affected below, with the list of what we think will be your nearest store/stores.

We would like to reassure all our valued customers that if your store is closing, this will have no effect on your agreements, and when the store is closed we will safely transfer your agreements to what we believe is your nearest local store. If you would prefer a different store, we can help you through that transition.

You are welcome to continue making payments in your new store. We know that this might be further for you to travel, so if you prefer, there are other ways to pay.

Manage your account and make payments online

  • You can access your account online 24/7 to check when your next payment is due, update your details, or browse our full range of products and services.

  • To register, simply complete our online application form with the details from your latest agreement, and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your account.

You may also want to consider alternative payment options.

  • Easy Pay: Why not sign up to Easy Pay for simple recurring weekly debit card payments. You won't need to call or visit us in store each week, and there are no bank fees or charges if the payment fails.

  • PayPoint: If you regularly pay by cash we'll be sending you a PayPoint card shortly. This will allow you to make cash or card payments at any of the 28,000 PayPoint locations across the UK.

We would like to thank you for being a customer of BrightHouse and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Stores closing on the 23rd March 2019

Store Closing Nearest Store
Basingstoke Andover
Bognor Regis Worthing
Cowley Reading
Haverfordwest Llanelli
High Wycombe Slough
Newport (IOW) Portsmouth
Perth Dundee
Rugby Coventry
Scarborough Bridlington
Selby Leeds Crossgates
Southport Skelmersdale
Stafford Cannock
Trowbridge Bedminster
Watford Hemel Hempstead
Weymouth Poole
Whitehaven Workington

Stores closing on the 30th March 2019

Store Closing Nearest Store
Aylesbury Bletchley
Bromley Lewisham
Dunstable Luton
Eccles Salford
Gravesend Dartford
Leeds Merrion Bramley
Macclesfield Wythenshawe
Maidstone Chatham
Newark Grantham
Nuneaton Coventry
Seaham Sunderland
Stirling Falkirk
Thetford Norwich
Yeovil Taunton

1. Why are stores closing?
Closing a store is always a difficult decision and one we only take after careful consideration and analysis. However, sometimes it can be necessary due to the specific financial performance of a store or group of stores. We might need to close or move a store, either to make it more convenient for our customers or to make the business more cost effective. 
2. If my store closes, can I choose which store I’m transferred to?
If your store is closing, you will receive a personal letter explaining where your nearest store is located. You can chose to transfer your account to this store, or to a store of your choice that might be more convenient to you, or to become an online customer of BrightHouse.
3. If my store closes, what should I do about my payments?

If your store is closing, you’ll receive a personal letter which will also explain how you can continue to make payments to your account. 

You can pay at another convenient BrightHouse store, or we have a range of alternative options such as paying over the phone with a debit card or FastPay or SmartPay and now PayPoint. 

PayPoint is a national network of 28,000 places across the UK where customers can pay their BrightHouse account in cash. Check the nearest PayPoint locations to you - - and, if you are interested in using this new service, ask your store to arrange a PayPoint card for you.

4. If my store closes, do I need to continue paying for my products?
Yes. To enjoy the benefits and peace of mind you will need to keep your account up to date. 

We’ll still have a local Customer Accounts Advisor in your area. Your new store can arrange for them to assist you if you are finding it difficult to make payments.
5. Can I shop with BrightHouse Online rather than going to a store?
Yes. We offer a fully transactional website that allows you to apply for credit and to add new products, manage your account and access a range of other services.

Customers wishing to use the website need to register their account online. We can help you do this if you’d like. Either visit us in store for a demonstration, or fill out the online contact form.
6. I care about the BrightHouse team, what will happen to them?
We are talking to all those colleagues affected by the decision to close stores. We’ll try to transfer them to nearby stores, although this will not be possible or practical for everyone. If this is the case, we’ll offer support to help them find another job.