Food is a great reminder of different times within the year; ice creams in summer, hearty stews in autumn, gingerbread at Christmas, and everything else in between.

Whether you’re a packet mix baker, or know your way around a range cooker – we have a treat for you! Following success of our first food journal, we’ve created a second, seasonal inspired version.

Together with the help of some celebrated food bloggers, we’ve hand-picked a selection of seasonal food recipes for our BrightHouse customers to enjoy. Each one is ideal for celebrating a particular holiday in the year, including Christmas, Valentine’s, bonfire night, Easter and Halloween.

We’ve searched far and wide for dishes to please all dietary requirements too, including vegetarians, vegans and those seeking gluten or dairy-free options. Perfect for creating some new family favourites or attempting a twist on a classic dish.

This seasonal food journal will not only help you to expand your culinary expertise, but offers affordable and healthy options on what to make for dinner.

Explore BrightHouse’s range of cookers and dishwashers, to make the prep and post-meal clean-up even easier and more enjoyable.

Download our original or latest seasonal food journal below:

The Food Journal – Main & Dessert

The Food Journal – Seasonal Treats