Welcome to Retro Rugby, a unique rugby app where the rules have been kicked into touch. The app has been developed to celebrate the wonderful game of rugby, taking inspiration from both Rugby League and Union; the game is all about navigating your player through the field and the opposing team's players to score a try.

Unique Gameplay

Use intuitive touch-based controls to select a team from the world of rugby and navigate your player to score a try before the timer runs out, avoiding the defenders and scoring as many tries as you can, winning as many points as possible. Challenge your rugby-mad friends to see who can generate the highest score.

  • Wooden Spoon
  • Copper Medal
  • Bronze Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Gold Medal
  • Trophy Medal

Inspired by Rugby?

Retro Rugby has come at the perfect time, as England gears up to host this year’s Rugby Union World Cup across the country, and the inevitable buzz surrounding 2016’s Six Nations Championship.