Product recalls

SAFETY NOTICE: Hotpoint Tumble Dryers

Hotpoint has announced a potential concern with SOME of their tumble dryers.

It has been found that in rare cases, excess fluff can come in contact with the heater element and this may then present the risk of fire when using these appliances.

Due to this issue, Hotpoint has activated a service and outreach programme, with the commitment to visit customers’ homes and modify appliances free of charge.

Hotpoint advise that the service call will take approximately one hour and that the necessary improvements will further enhance the safety and quality of your dryer.

Please visit Hotpoint's website to find out if your tumble dryer has been affected. You will need to input your model and serial number and await for further instructions -

In the meantime. Hotpoint recommend that consumers should unplug and stop using their products. For further information please contact your local store.

IMPORTANT: This issue does not affect any new tumble dryers purchased from BrightHouse