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Servicing, warranties and insurance claims will continue to be provided by the logistics and engineering business operated by CTL until further notice. If you are a BrightHouse customer, you can speak to one of our colleagues by calling your local store.

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Warranty and Insurance

Product insurance and BrightCare price changes and updated Terms and conditions FAQ’s

We have recently written to you to notify you of changes to your Hire purchase agreement terms and conditions as well as price changes to any product insurance and BrightCare plans you may have. The changes come into effect 9th May 2021. This page outlines the frequently asked questions specific to the changes. In the event you have any further question please contact: 0800 526 069

What is changing

BrightCare plans

Information about what is included and excluded and how to make a claim you can read or print the updated BrightCare terms and conditions below. These are updated details of your BrightCare plan.
Download Bright Care Terms and Conditions pdfBrightCare terms and conditions April 2021

Product insurance cover

Information about what is included and excluded and how to make a claim you can read or print the updated Insurance product information document, product insurance pre contract and terms and conditions below. These are updated details of your product insurance cover.
Download HP Terms and Conditions pdfProduct insurance cover information document April 2021
Download PIC pre contract pdfProduct insurance cover pre contract information April 2021
Download PIC Terms and Conditions pdfProduct insurance cover terms and conditions April 2021

Frequently asked questions

When we make any change to the terms and conditions of your hire purchase agreement or BrightCare or PIC, we need to send you notice of the changes and explain what has changed. This communication provides the details of the changes that we have made and also sets out pricing changes to your cover.

Yes, please read through the changes and the price increases and ensure you understand what it means to you. You also need to pay the increased weekly dues when the new weekly PIC and BrightCare prices come into effect (9th May 2021).

Pricing for BrightCare and Product Insurance Cover has remained static for the past three years whilst prices for repair components and new Goods have increased. We took the decision to not pass these costs on. Unfortunately further recent price increases have meant we have no choice but to slightly increase the weekly price of your cover. In doing so we are able to continue to offer cover at a low cost and with no excess amount payable on any claims.

We have tried to keep our price increase to a minimum, and have benchmarked it against the market to ensure that we have applied a fair price increase. You can go online to compare our prices against other similar providers in the market.

If you are not happy to pay the increased weekly price on your PIC or BrightCare Plan or you are not happy with the changes we have made to your cover, you can cancel your cover. We recommend that you look for alternative cover first that meets the terms of your hire purchase agreement as you are required to maintain equivalent cover for accidental damage, fire and theft under the terms of your agreement with us.

No, we have maintained our no excess fee per claim on your covers, as we know that this is important to you.

Our most recent data file shows us that you are not paying for cover under your Agreement and therefore we have shown that as £0.00. This means that we do not have a PIC policy or BrightCare Plan for that agreement and as such you do not have cover with us. We are not able to sell any new PIC and BrightCare plans in Administration and so are unable to put a new policy/plan in place for you. However, you can shop around and find suitable cover with another provider.

If your cover is important to you then you can reinstate your Policy/Plan by paying all arrears due to us. If you cannot pay the arrears in one payment, then call us to discuss other options available to you.

As you are aware we are operating in a different environment to previous years and are required to observe multiple safety regulations and have had to change our business repairs process to prioritise essential over non-essential Goods. As a result, we can no longer offer a Fast Fix promise under BrightCare. We have amended this to a reasonable repair time, detailed in the terms provided.

To keep your BrightCare fee to a minimum we have removed the new for old policy. Due to the increased cost and changing nature of new models we are unable to source the same ranges we previously sold and therefore can no longer offer a new for old option on your cover. All Refreshed products used to satisfy claims will be refurbished to the highest standard and in full working order.

No, you still have the right to complain. Some matters are now dealt with by the Administrator rather than the Financial Ombudsman (FOS). Further details can be obtained from our Customer Relations team or on the website and are provided in the updated terms and conditions.

In the event that you seek to terminate your agreement before the final payment is made and return the Goods, you must have paid no less than 50% of the agreement value. This is clearly outlined in your Agreement under the clause titled “Termination: Your Rights” found on page 1 of your existing Hire Purchase Agreement. The addendums posted to you do not include this information as they are generic templates and the information that populated in this clause is specific to your Agreement. If you do not have your existing Agreement for any reason, then you can email us to request this detail. It’s important to note that in addition to the 50% minimum payment amount, the Goods must be returned to us at your own expense (unless otherwise agreed) with all accessories and promotional Goods. The Goods must also be in good working order and repair and undamaged. If you can meet these requirements, then nothing further will need to be paid by you and your Agreement will be terminated. However, in the event that the Goods are received by us and found to be damaged and not in working order, we will decline your request to terminate the Agreement and the debt under your Agreement will remain due to us. There are many options to explore with us, that will help you retain your Goods in the home, so please speak to us.

We may be able to reinstate cover under your agreement but it would be dependent on why your cover was removed / cancelled originally. Please contact us to discuss reinstating your cover. Remember there are alternative insurance cover providers in the event we are unable to reinstate your cover.