The Perfect Armchair

At BrightHouse, we wanted to know what makes the perfect armchair, so we asked you, the Great British public, to help us come up with a concept for the ultimate place to sit.

Our survey came up with lots of interesting results and suggestions for what you would most like to see in your perfect armchair, from built-in speakers, to drinks holders, and even cat hair-proofing! So here it is the armchair of the future.

Nearly everyone wanted to be able to recline in their perfect armchair, so this sleek and stylish design would allow you to tilt back to the perfect angle for maximum comfort. The chair is upholstered with cushions and fabric that cleverly mould to your shape, and an integrated footrest that can be extended whenever you want to put your feet up.

You'd never need to worry about being too hot or too cold with the perfect armchair! Its heated throughout for those cosy winter evenings, and cooled by jet streams for lazy summer days.

Is it your turn to make the tea? Don't bother with all that walking back and forth to the kitchen. Let the built-in mobility ball take you where you want to go without ever having to leave the comfort of your chair! The armchair of the future would even be able to diagnose and treat physical ailments. Suffering from an aching back? Let the chair massage your pains away, while calming your mind with the built-in aromatherapy feature!

You told us that your favourite thing to do in your armchair is watch TV, so we've designed the very best viewing experience imaginable. Be surrounded by immersive audio, while sipping your favourite drink from the built-in drinks delivery system. Feel every explosion in your favourite film through the 4D haptic feedback system. And make your friends jealous by telling them about it on Facebook through the integrated tablet computer.

While other furniture falls behind the style curve, the perfect armchair would always be bang-on trend. Its smart fabric allows you to change the colour and pattern to suit current fashions, and the individual style of your home. And theres no need to worry about all those expensive features getting damaged, thanks to the child lock mode. With the click of a button a protective screen would shield your precious chair from clambering children and mucky pets. Unfortunately this amazing chair is not quite ready for purchase yet, as technology needs a few years to catch up with all of our amazing ideas, but there are plenty of comfy, stylish armchairs that actually exist available in our stores right now!

Have we achieved perfection with our armchair of the future? Or is there another feature you think it simply must have? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Footrest Drinks delivery system Integrated speakers
The Perfect Armchair

Click the image to the left to view an infographic providing full details of The Perfect Armchair concept.


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