Bright House Stores Opening Hours

Posted 09/02/2010 by BrightHouse Team

And another great service from BrightHouse Blog to the Great British shopping public was publishing the Xmas and New Year store opening times - a lot of people came here to look for those!

But what are the normal BrightHouse stores opening hours?

It's easy - like everything at BrightHouse... generally speaking they're open from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday

Monday - Saturday: 9am to 5.30 pm. And BrightHouse stores are open every lunch hour.

Sundays: Closed*

What About Bank Holidays and Holiday periods?

brighthouse customer service and sales enquiry tel numbersIt's best you phone your nearest BrightHouse shop itself for bank holidays and other special opening hours.  Please always either check back here for an update or phone your nearest store.  BrightHouse stores in Scotland have different opening hours to England & Wales at Xmas/New Year.

* Some BrightHouse stores are open on Sundays, usually the ones which are in shopping centres which are open.  We will check and come back to you with a list of those open on Sundays.

PS BrightHouse Stafford and BrightHouse Dunfermline opening soon.


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  • BrightHouse Web Relations said:


    Hi Liana, Thank you for your post. At present BrightHouse is only open for business Monday - Saturday, so no unfortunately there is no way to make a payment on a Sunday at the moment. Many Thanks Steve Web Relations Team

  • Liana said:


    Hi, Is there any way I can make a payment on a Sunday?

  • BrightHouse Web Relations said:


    Hi Norma, Thank you for gettin in touch. Our delivery times are usually between 8am and 6pm. Sometimes the store can delivery before or after that time but we do advise a call out between the times stated. Many thanks Allen

  • Norma Paton said:


    What time does brighthouse start deliverys in dunfermline store

  • Gail garbett said:


    Will u be getting any ps4 in before christmas

  • Joanne said:


    Hi I'm just wondering what your delivery times are waiting for a delivery thanks

  • Danielle said:


    I am already a bright house customer, can I order another item over the phone or do I need to go in to my local store to do it?

  • Karen hodge said:


    Hi are you open on Saturday in Bristol town centre and times plz.

  • julie said:


    hi can you tell me if the wrexham branch is open on a sunday please

  • Wayne Roberts said:


    Hi brighthouse when will you have the samsung galaxy s4 in stock I want to buy one of these from you.

  • Emma said:


    Hi is brighthouse in folkestone open tomorrow even as its easters weekend?

  • Jane doe said:


    How much is the hourly wage at brighthouse? I want to apply for a job but can't find the wage anywhere.

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Alex Yes, we do have plans to stock the Samsung Galaxy S4. Stay tuned to our <a href="" title="BrightHouse Facebook Page" rel="nofollow">Facebook Page</a> for all our new product news. We should have an announcement for you very soon! Thanks for your question Warmest regards The BrightHouse Blog Team.

  • Alex said:


    Hi, just wondering if you are going to be stocking the new galaxy s4 when it's unveiled in a few days Thanks

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Kirsty Livingstone branch was temporarily closed due to flooding, but is now back open. Thanks for your question Warmest regards The BrightHouse Blog Team

  • kirsty said:


    hi, just went to local branch in livingston &amp; there was a sign up saying closed until further notice, why???? and when will it be open again??? thanx

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Jessica If you are a new BrightHouse customer, we deliver your first item as part of your address verification. However, if you've already purchased something from us before then, as long as the stock is available in-store, you should be able to collect it. Hope this helps Best Regards The BrightHouse Blog Team

  • jessica said:


    I want to buy a ds. Do I need to get it delivered or can I take it away on the day once I have made the first payment

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Craig Yes, once the full amount owing on the item is paid in full, ownership of the item is then transferred to you. Best regards The BrightHouse Blog Team

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Clayton At BrightHouse we don't judge our customers solely on their past credit history, but on their ability to pay for their products now and in the future. If you can show evidence that you're able to meet your payments now, we should be able to consider you for credit. All we ask is that you show us the following documents: * Proof of income * 2 personal references from a friend or relative * Proof of address - such as a tenency agreement or mortgage statement. If you are in any doubt, visit your local store and chat to one of our members of staff or call our Customer Service team on 0800 587 0717. Best regards The BrightHouse Blog Team

  • Craig said:


    Once the item I have purchased has been fully paid, do I keep it ?

  • clayton said:


    hi im looking to get a tv from you but due to stupid decisions when i was younger i now have bad credit i do have wage slips from the past 6 month with an income of over 1200 a month does bad credit go against you?

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Anne Thanks for your question. You should already be able to pay by debit card over the phone if you call your local store. If you have any problems doing this, please contact our customer care line on 0800 526 069. You can find contact details for all of our outlets by using our BrightHouse <a href="" title="BrightHouse Store Finder" rel="nofollow">Store Finder</a> tool. Regards The BrightHouse Blog Team

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Wendy Thanks for your question. You do need to take your identification to the store you're signing up to. This is because they will be creating the customer file and will need to verify your details before delivery can be approved. Valid forms of identification include a driving licence or a passport. You may also be asked to show a proof of address - such as a recent household bill or a mortgage document - and a proof of income such as a wage slip or benefits document. You should contact your local store before going down to confirm all the documents they need to see. Hope this helps. Best regards The BrightHouse Blog Team

  • anne said:


    when will i be able to pay by debit card over the phone please

  • Wendy hall said:


    I've signed up for a laptop but need to take some identification in can I take it to any store or has it got to be at the store I signed upto

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Mark Thanks for your question. In most cases, all we need to see before we can offer you credit for a store purchase are a proof of income document - such as a wage slip or benefit statement - and two personal contacts who we can call for character references. In some cases we will also require the following: • Proof of address, such as rental or mortgage documents, as well as 2 recent household bills • Proof of ID, such as driving licence or passport The staff at your local BrightHouse outlet will be able to advise you on the information we are likely to need from you. You can read mmore about how to become a BrightHouse customer <a href="" title="here" rel="nofollow"></a> Hope this helps Regards The BrightHouse Team

  • mark said:


    What documents do I need to purchase something from Brghthouse?

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Grace If you or your partner are worried that you might be unable to make a payment on time, it is essential that you inform your local store immediately. They will advise you on the best course of action, which may include temporarily returning your purchase until you're in a position to pay your premiums again. You can find contact details for all of our outlets by using our store finder tool: If you require further assistance, please contact our customer care line on 0800 526 069. Best regards The BrightHouse Blog Team.

  • Grace said:


    Hi my bf can't pay brighthouse as he hasn't got any money in his bank account

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Christella Thanks for your question. To change your address with us, please contact our Customer Care line on 0800 526 069, or fill in our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. It might also be worth contacting your local store directly. You can find contact details for all of our outlets on our store finder page: Regards The BrightHouse Blog Team

  • Christella said:


    Hi could you tell me what process I have to follow to change my address with you?

  • Josh said:


    Hey brighthouse do you know when the Samsung Galaxy S3 is released Please tell me :)

  • Tina chapman said:


    hi. is Castleford Brighthouse open on Sundays

  • Paul said:


    is brighthouse barnsley open on bank holiday monday (4th) and tuesday (5th June)

  • BrightHouse Team said:


    Hi Emily We are open on Bank Holiday Monday, with opening hours of 10am-4pm. On the Tuesday Bank Holiday (Tuesday 5th June) we'll be running our normal opening hours. Thanks The BrightHouse team.

  • Emily said:


    Hi is the store open on a bank holiday monday?

  • dean said:


    is brighthouse open sunday in great yarmouth market gates? <em>Reply from BH Blog: As far as we know Dean, there are no brightHouse stores open on a Sunday and we have asked and double checked before!</em>

  • M3 said:


    Hi there, I have two questions. The first is,am i able to order items online or by phone?Secondly,being a first time customer,i'm wondering if its possible to order more than one item? As i'm moving house and would like to purchase a two and three seater sofa. Thanks <em>PS from brightHouse Blog: Yes, we believe this is possible subject to status. But you should ask at your nearest BrightHouse store - not the BrightHouse Blog</em>

  • gemma said:


    hi i was wondering if brighthouse in hemel hempsted was open on sundays <em>BrightHouse Blog says: Sorry Gemma, we are told by the guys at BrightHouse that all the BrightHouse stores are closed Sundays.</em>

  • tanya said:


    is brighthouse wolverhampton open bank holiday monday? <em>PS From BrightHouse Blog: Sorry Tanya that we didn't get back to you in time. We publish the opening hours as a service to our friends at BrightHouse but we don't know everything... It's always best to phone up their service line on 0800 526 069</em>

  • vicky paine said:


    hi,is here a number for out of hours,so i can find out where my order is thank you. <em>PS FROM BrightHouse Blog: Dear Vicky, the best number that we know is 0800 526 069. To be honest we don't know if it works outside hours but we'll try to find out.</em>

  • D. Ballantyne said:


    Hi, can you please tell me which branches of bright house are open on a sunday. Thanks <em>From brightHouse Blog: Sorry, we don't believe that they are opoen on a SUnday but you can phone the customer services freephone line to double check. 0800 587 0717</em>




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