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To make weekly payments, you'll need to apply for credit* with us. Visit BrightHouse.co.uk or pop into one of our stores. Our friendly staff will guide you through the application process. It's straightforward and provides a quick decision.

More choice for your
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We offer variable payment terms, giving you much more control over how much and how long you pay for your products. If you can afford a little more each week, you can reduce both your terms and the total payable.**

Look after your products
with BrightCare

BrightCare is our optional service package that gives you peace of mind. You won't pay a penny towards any repairs if your product develops a fault. Your product still requires insurance against fire, theft and accidental damage. This can be ours or yours – you choose.
Why wait? We can usually deliver within seven days of your order.***

Representative example – BEKO 6KG WASHING MACHINE. Product Code BE64TWMW

  • Weekly Payment


  • Product Price


  • Delivery & Installation


  • Product Price Including Delivery & Installation


  • Number of Weeks


  • Annual Fixed Interest Rate/Representative APR


  • Total Payable


Compare what you'll pay

When you're buying something for your home on credit, it always pays to check exactly what you'll pay.
Here is a comparison of cost of credit from different providers for the intended use of purchasing a Washing Machine.

Representative Example – Beko 6kg Washing Machine

Product Price Incl.
Delivery & Installation
Term Weekly Payment Annual Fixed Interest
Rate/Rep APR ††
Total Payable
BrightHouse £235.50 52wks £5.80 69.9% £301.60
Loan Amount Term Weekly Payment APR% Total Payable
Provident £200.00 52wks £7.20 299.3% £374.40
Brighthouse Provident
Product Price Incl.
Delivery & Installation
Loan Amount
£235.50 £200.00
52wks 52wks
£5.80 £7.20
Annual Fixed Interest
Rate/Rep APR ††
69.9% 299.3%
£301.60 £374.40

Comparison information taken from the website www.providentpersonalcredit.com 1st February 2018. Credit offered is subject to status and affordability checks. BrightHouse reserves the right not to extend credit. The interest rate offered will be fixed for the length of the agreement and will depend on your financial status and the length of the agreement. Caversham Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit. Insurance for fire, theft and accidental damage is required for the duration of the agreement. Ask staff for details.

What we've checked

The loan amount is how much you've borrowed.
The term is how long you'll be paying for.
The weekly payment is how much you have to pay back every week. Some lenders ask you to pay back monthly, so we've worked out the equivalent weekly cost.
The total repayable is how much you'll pay back overall.
The APR (annual percentage rate) shows you the cost of your credit (including the interest on the loan, plus any charges like arrangement fees).

Remember: Credit options like payday loans are designed for emergencies like a broken boiler or car repair. They can become very expensive if you use them to buy something for your new home.

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