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Key Features

2 x 50W RMS
Red + Blue coloured lights
Mega Bass function
Several inputs including: Bluetooth, Line In, USB, CD and Radio
EQ settings
Remote Control included

TIBO TI370 Hi Fi System

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Includes FREE Tibo Bond Mini

Product Code: TIB370HIF
Manufacturer Code: TI-370
Catalogue Code: 901437

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Let the neighbours know its party time. The TIBO Ti370 music system features 750 Watts of chest pounding power and multi-colour LED lights that pulsate in sync with your music. Turn your living room into the dance floor with a built-in multi-colour LED lightshow that comes with 8 different settings, some of which, automatically synchronise with every beat of the music. Blast your Audio experience into another dimension by enabling the Mega Bass function and impress your friends at the party.

The TI370 2.1 system has an array of connectivity including: CD, USB, Bluetooth, Line In and Radio so your music can be played from multiple platforms to suit your preference. The TI370 even comes complete with a remote control making it much more convenient to adjust the settings. You can even select from a variety of different EQ settings to match the style of music being played. 


  • Includes free Tibo Bond Mini
  • Powerful system for its size, perfect for parties
  • These lights will flash in time with the music being played to add visual effect
  • Perfect for using this system in a large venue
  • Multiple input sources to suit your preference of audio playback
  • Adjust the EQ to suit the style of music being played
  • Much more convenient to adjust the settings for your preference
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Full Specification


Sound Enhancement Mega Bass function
Tweeter Bluetooth, Line In, USB, CD and Radio
Number of Speakers 2 x 50W RMS
CD Player / Drive Yes
FM Antenna Yes


Bluetooth Bluetooth

Inputs & Outputs

AUX Port Yes
USB Port Yes

General Information

Brand Tibo
Colour Black
Exterior Dimensions Hub - 14 x 34 x 29 cm, Speakers - 44 x 30 x 32cm
Product Code TIB370HIF
Manufacturer Model Number TI-370
Catalogue Code 901437


Accessories Included Remote control included
Other Features / Functions Red & blue coloured lights