deferred charges

Brightcare deferred charges

Deferred service charges

Optional extras of BrightCare and Product Insurance are not charged until delivery of your product.

Following delivery, your next payment will include charges for BrightCare and Product Insurance (where purchased) between your delivery day and next payment date.

Example (based on opting into BrightCare and Product Insurance)

Payments are aligned to Saturdays, therefore If you pay £10.00 per week for a product and have opted into BrightCare at 70p per week and Insurance at 70p per week and receive delivery on a Wednesday - your next payment would be £12.20.

This is based on:

£10.00 (weekly product cost)


£0.70 BrightCare


£0.70 Product Insurance


£0.40 Partial week's BrightCare (day delivery received up to and including the Saturday)


£0.40 Partial week's Product Insurance (day delivery received up to and including the Saturday)



Note: example values are for illustration only. If your regular payment is aligned to a fortnightly or monthly cycle this will still apply.