How to clean your sofa

Our research into how we look after our sofas has produced some fascinating results, and some really useful insight from the experts we've interviewed. All of this information can be found in our infographic below.*

But there is one statistic which absolutely blows us away: There could be as much as £15 million hiding under our sofa cushions!

Our calculations tells us that Brits are literally sitting on a fortune.

The Office of National Statistics says that there are 26.7 million households in the UK, and our research shows that 55% of us find coins under our sofa cushions.

If we assume (this is where things become more guess-work than calculation) that each household has only one sofa, and that the average amount found under sofa cushions is a princely £1.04 (we're basing this on how much money we found down the back of the sofa in our office), then the amount of forgotten change we have across the UK is a staggering £15,272,400!

If we all clubbed together, think of what we could buy with the change found under our collective sofas:

  • We'd be able to afford 535kg of pure gold
  • We could buy 1.5 billion penny sweets
  • Purchase 5 million pints of beer
  • We'd be able to buy 60 houses (at the average UK price of £252,000)
  • Or we could pay Wayne Rooney's salary for (nearly) a year
How to clean your sofa