Holiday Phone Guide

These days, a mobile phone is far more than just a communication device - it's a portable computer, an interactive map and a whole library's worth of
information all at your fingertips. It's little wonder then that when BrightHouse surveyed over 2000 on the subject they found that more people than ever are using their mobile phones to arrange their holidays.

Whether it’s booking flights and checking departure times, finding your way around the airport, connecting with enhanced services during travel or downloading travel guides on arrival, your smartphone can play a role in virtually every aspect of the holiday experience – and as technology continues to advance, the possibilities will only increase.

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Data Roaming

One down side of using your mobile abroad can be the risk of incurring expensive roaming charges, but with most hotels, resorts, restaurants and other public places offering Wi-Fi services this is less of an issue. The European Union also recently announced plans to abolish roaming charges within Europe over the next year or so.

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