All BrightHouse stores remain closed. We want to re-assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that you are supported and our customer service teams remain available via phone or online query. If you are a BrightHouse customer, you can speak to one of our colleagues by calling your local store number.

Servicing, warranties and insurance claims will continue to be provided by the logistics and engineering business operated by CTL until further notice. If you are a BrightHouse customer, you can speak to one of our colleagues by calling your local store.

Our policy in respect to engaging with BrightHouse customers has changed in response to COVID-19. Further details can be found at

Warranty and Insurance

Warranty & Insurance - FAQs

Got a question?
Visit the frequently asked questions page online or call the customer care line on 0800 526 069.

Insurance covers fire, theft and accidental damage to your goods under hire purchase agreement with BrightHouse. It does not cover product fault repairs. BrightCare cover the product fault repairs or replacement and does not cover fire, theft or accidental damage. So in simple terms, insurance covers your goods in the event of an incident that results in damage to or total loss of your item caused by you or a third party. BrightCare cover your goods for any product failure mechanically that results in you needing to repair it or to replace it as it is beyond repair.

BrightCare is an extended warranty package that offers you cover over and above the manufacturer's warranty.
Some of the enhanced features offered by BrightCare are:

  • Promised repair time frames per product category.
  • If unable to repair, we will replace goods under your hire purchase agreement with a like for like (features and price range) replacement – make and colour may differ.
  • No fault found no charge applied.
  • Free delivery and installation of replacement item.

Yes you can by contacting your store and selecting option 3 or online on our webpage

As per government guidelines we will not be able to offer a repair until your home is risk free. You can schedule a repair when you and your family are no longer in self-isolation and are risk free.

You can cancel your Insurance and BrightCare at any time during your agreement. However we only allow for the signing up of Insurance and BrightCare up to 28 days from the date that you take up your agreement. Should you cancel your cover now, we will not be able to reinstate it at a later date. You can however take out insurance or warranty cover with other providers in the market.

Without cover or a valid manufacturer’s warranty in place, we will not be able to offer you a repair.

Goods bought under a hire purchase agreement must be insured at all times for theft, fire and accidental damage. We need to know that you have such cover, as you are required to pay off your hire purchase agreement in order for ownership of the goods to pass to you. If it is stolen whilst you are paying it off and you don't have insurance in place, you would still have to pay your hire purchase loan agreement and we don't want you to have to pay for something you don't have. Therefore we insist that you have insurance, with BrightHouse or someone else of your choice, provided that it covers the goods under hire purchase agreement.

Yes you can. Provided your household contents cover provides you with protection against theft, fire and accidental damage and covers goods under hire purchase – then you can add your BrightHouse hire purchase goods to your content insurance cover. If you are unsure if your insurance provider covers you please give them a call to confirm.

No, excess fees are not payable for claims made under the BrightHouse Insurance policy cover.

No, there is no limit to the number of claims you can make.

Unfortunately not. Once you settle the hire purchase agreement with BrightHouse your insurance and Brightcare cover will no longer be in place, and you will need to take out insurance cover with another provider if you want to cover your goods against theft, accidental damage and/or an extended warranty cover.

Up to 28 days after you take out your hire purchase agreement with us, you can take up BrightCare and/or Insurance cover with BrightHouse. Thereafter you will no longer be permitted to add Insurance and BrightCare to your hire purchase agreement.

Yes you can at any time, by providing one weeks' notice to cancel.

If you have cancelled the insurance within the first 28 days and wish to take it up again you can. If you have cancelled your insurance post that period, for example 6 months into your hire purchase agreement, then unfortunately at this point in time we will not be able to offer you cover on your goods.

No, insurance will provide you with a repair or if the item is beyond economic repair, insurance will replace your TV with a same aged TV of a similar condition, but not a new TV.

Technology Claim (mobiles, gaming and laptops)
You will be sent DPD packaging directly to your home with instructions on how to return your product.
Follow the instructions inside on how to package your return, and drop it off at a DPD store where it will be sent directly to our repair centre.
In the event you are unable to drop your product at a DPD store (due to lockdown restrictions in your area) then please call us on 0800 526 069 to organise a collection. We must receive your package within 21 days of your claim or your claim will be closed. Once your item is repaired we will contact you to schedule it to be returned via DPD.

Furniture and Bedding claims
You will receive a call from our appointed repair agent HomeServe and they will arrange to call at your home to assess your product under claim. HomeServe will continue operations as long as they are permitted to due to lockdown restrictions in your area. If your home is at risk due to persons shielding or anyone has Covid-19 symptoms HomeServe will not be able to undertake any assessment or repair until your home is risk free. Once a home visit is arranged HomeServe will assess for the claim only and will undertake a repair in your home if they can during the first appointment. If parts are needed, HomeServe will inform you and reschedule the repair once parts arrive. You will be asked to sign a job card for the visit detailing what work if any was carried out or what parts were needed. Please ensure you are home for your appointment. In the event you miss an appointment we will reschedule it for the next available date.

White Goods and TV’s
You will be contacted to arrange an in-home visit in most claims cases by Pacifica (0800Repair) our appointed repair agent. Pacifica (0800Repair) will continue operations as long as they are permitted to due to lockdown restrictions in your area. If your home is at risk due to persons shielding or anyone has Covid-19 symptoms Pacifica (0800Repair) will not be able to undertake any assessment or repair until your home is risk free. If we are unable to repair on the first visit, we will arrange a follow up visit. If however, we believe your product cannot be repaired in the home we will arrange for collection of your product to have it repaired at one of Pacifica’s repair centres. In the event that your product is beyond repair the engineer will inform us to source a replacement. Once a replacement is sourced, we will book a delivery at a time that is convenient for you.

Technology products will be replaced via DPD direct to your home. (See ‘What happens once my claim is approved during a Covid lockdown?’ FAQ).

White Goods, TVs and Bedding will continue to be replaced via home delivery (provided no one is self-isolating or shielding in your household).

Furniture and Dining will be via door step delivery only. You will need to arrange to take the products into your home on your own. If you are not happy to have a door step delivery please let us know and your delivery will be rescheduled for a later date when in-home deliveries can recommence.

The insurance is provided by Caversham Insurance Limited. Caversham Insurance Limited is authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Our head office address is Suite 827 Europort, PO Box 708, Gibraltar GX11 1AA. Caversham Insurance Limited is a limited liability company with share capital of £7,931,776. We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). If we cannot meet our obligations you may be entitled to compensation from the scheme. Full details are available at