All BrightHouse stores remain closed. We want to re-assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that you are supported and our customer service teams remain available via phone or online query. If you are a BrightHouse customer, you can speak to one of our colleagues by calling your local store number.

Servicing, warranties and insurance claims will continue to be provided by the logistics and engineering business operated by CTL until further notice. If you are a BrightHouse customer, you can speak to one of our colleagues by calling your local store.

Our policy in respect to engaging with BrightHouse customers has changed in response to COVID-19. Further details can be found at


Repairs - FAQs

BrightCare provides repair and replacement protection for breakdown and manufacturing faults. BrightCare covers the product for the duration of the agreement where you have opted in.

Contact the Service Support Centre by calling 0800 526 069 and select the option 'for claims and repairs'.“Or simply visit our online claims form to make a claim, it’s that easy.

In all instances where customers wish to arrange a repair, customers are required to contact the Customer relations team on 0800 526 069 or simply complete our online claim form to make a claim, it is that easy.

White goods, TV’s and Furniture, bedding and dining repairs will all carried out in your home via one of our appointed repair agents.

Repair agents will continue operations as long as they are permitted due to lockdown restrictions in your area. If your home is at risk due to persons shielding or anyone has Covid-19 symptoms they will not be able to undertake any assessment or repair until your home is risk free.

Technology (gaming, mobile, laptops) products will be repaired via the repair centre. Products can be returned via DPD. (See ‘What happens once my claim is approved during a Covid lockdown?’ FAQ)

For larger products where an engineer will attend your property and identify any issues with the product, the Customer relations team will arrange a date with you during the call.

Repairs must be carried out by qualified engineers, failure to do so will invalidate the product warranty.

Repair time will vary depending on the fault or damage and the parts required. Our engineer teams will endeavour to repair your product as quickly as possible. Unfortunately due to the current Covid-19 restrictions some parts may take longer than usual to obtain.

All our repair services are currently operating (subject to local lockdown restrictions in your area) and we no longer offer loan products.

With BrightCare

Unlimited repairs including parts, labour and call-out charges
Domestic Appliances and TVs

In home visit within next 2 working days.

In home visit within next 5 working days.
Tech and Small Products

Drop off and collect in store. Repaired and returned within 5 working days
Replacement if we can't fix your product within 10 working days after the engineer's visit
Replacement if we can't fix your product within 40 working days after the engineer's visit
Replacement if we can't fix your product within 10 working days after dropping off in store.
Like-for-like replacement on our refreshed range.
No charges if No Fault Found.

*for Highlands & lslands, 3 working days for Domestic Appliances and Tvs, 5 Working days for furniture and 7 working days in store drop & collect for tech products.

* Ask your store for details as some products have different standard warranty duration.

Got a question?

Get in touch if you have a question or need a repair. Just contact your store or call our customer care line on 0800 526 069.

Small products (technology repairs, phones, gaming consoles and accessories)

We will send you a DPD package with instructions on how to prepare your product for drop off and repair. Once you have received your packaging and placed your Goods in the packaging, you will need to go to a DPD drop off local store and drop your Goods off. The DPD store will provide you with a reference and sms for you to track your goods location.

Once the Goods are repaired we will return it to your home address via DPD.

Go online to and find you local DPD store.

Large products & Furniture

Domestic appliances, TV & Audio is fully operational as well as Furniture and Bedding via HomeServe. All Engineers will call you to confirm that the information you provided at the point of booking the engineer about your household and Covid-19 has not changed.

They will confirm that no one in the household is shielding or self-isolating due Covid-19 symptoms – unfortunately if the answer to either of these questions is “yes” we will not carry out your repair and this will need to be re-booked at a later date. If you do not feel comfortable with one of our engineers visiting the home, please let the Customer Relations Centre know and we will cancel our scheduled appointment immediately.

All of our engineers are working in line with government guidance, they are also provided with the necessary protective equipment, this includes gloves, hand washing kits, sanitizer and isopropyl wipes.

Should your local area however go back into a state of lockdown due to an increase in Covid-19 cases, we will amend these policies and procedures as needed for the duration of the lockdown period imposed. How it affects you will be discussed with you during the process of the claim.

Customers must ensure the route is clear in their home leading to where the product is to be installed. Check dimensions of where products will be installed to ensure they will fit, including any doors that the product must fit through. Prior to electric cookers installations, customers must ensure they have the correct cooker switches and outlets. Washing machines must have the correct sockets, connections and valves. See below for further information.

Washing Machine Installation Check

Before we can deliver awashing machine we need to confirm that your property contains the following:

Washing machine install check
  1. An electrical 13 amp wall socket that is within 2 meter of the installation site
  2. Cold water supply & valve/tap attachment for the connection of feed hoses
  3. An adequate waste system OR a connection to the pipe-work under the sink?

Electric Cooker Installation Check

Before we can deliver a cooker we need to confirm that your property contains the following:

Cooker install check
  1. A 45 Amp double pole switch
  2. Cooker switches and outlets must be supplied from a dedicated fuse or circuit breaker rated as follows:
    32 Amp - 50cm, 55cm and 60cm free standing cookers
    32 Amp - 90cm cookers with single oven
    40 Amp - 90cm cookers with double oven
    40 Amp - 100cm cookers with 2 ovens and a grill
  3. The Interconnecting cable must be buried in the wall or surface mounted in conduit

Sofa Installation Check

Are you sure the dimensions will fit?

Sofa install check

You will be contacted to discuss your delivery or collection and if you are able to accept, you will then receive a follow up call to book a day and time slot.

Deliveries of all small products will continue via DPD.

If you do not feel comfortable with one of our engineers visiting your home, please let the Customer relations team know and we will cancel the visit immediately.

Due to Covid-19 we will currently carry out any product delivery or collection to the door step, hall or lobby. We will only install and collect cookers, washing machines and beds.

All products that require installation in your property i.e. electric cookers will have to be installed by our trained professional, and complete the demo as part of our service obligation. You will have already paid for the service, including installation.

Please approach us by calling the customer relations team on 0800 526 069, or visit to send us an email.