All BrightHouse stores remain closed. We want to re-assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that you are supported and our customer service teams remain available via phone or online query. If you are a BrightHouse customer, you can speak to one of our colleagues by calling your local store number.

Servicing, warranties and insurance claims will continue to be provided by the logistics and engineering business operated by CTL until further notice. If you are a BrightHouse customer, you can speak to one of our colleagues by calling your local store.

Our policy in respect to engaging with BrightHouse customers has changed in response to COVID-19. Further details can be found at


for your peace of mind

What’s BrightCare?

BrightCare is an optional service package providing peace of mind. If you have already taken BrightCare, you won't pay a penny more if your product breaks down. If you have not already taken up BrightCare, you can no longer take up cover.

BrightCare covers:

Repairs for Product fault post warranty expiration

There’s no limit to the number of repairs you can request if a product develops a fault. You won’t pay extra for parts, labour or call-out charges.

Replacement and/or Settlement

If it turns out there’s no fault, don’t worry – you won’t be charged.

BrightCare plans

Information about what is included and excluded and how to make a claim you can read or print the updated BrightCare terms and conditions below. These are updated details of your BrightCare plan.
Download Bright Care Terms and Conditions pdfBrightCare terms and conditions April 2021

Here’s how it works

If something goes wrong, please contact us using one of the following options:

Repair: what’s not included?

There are a few things not covered by BrightCare’s repair and replacement protection, such as:

  • Accidental damage, fire or theft
  • Money spent because you can’t use your product – like laundry charges
  • Consumables that need replacing during the normal use of the product i.e. Batteries, bulbs, vacuum bags, tyres and other consumables
  • Damages as a result of misuse of the product (not following manufacturer guidelines)
  • Scratches, dents and other cosmetic damage
  • Failure to renew your weekly renewable service package cover and pay for it, will result in you no longer having any cover in place to claim against

And if we can’t fix it?

If we can’t repair your product, we’ll look to replace it with a product closest to it or one from a similar range. In the event that we cannot replace the product, for any reason, we will look to offer an alternative settlement, based on the claim settlement value. A settlement value will never exceed the original purchase price of the product and will always be used to first settle the loan agreement held over the product with BrightHouse including any arrears and late fees. Any surplus monies may also be used to settle or part settle any other loans, helping you reduce your debt to BrightHouse.

Replacement: what’s not included?

We can’t give you a replacement product if:

  • We have offered a repair and you refuse one
  • You haven’t been using the product correctly
  • There’s cosmetic damage, like scratches or dents, but it’s still usable
  • There’s accidental or intentional damage to the product
  • You have failed to renew your weekly renewable service package cover by paying for it resulting in you no longer having cover in place to claim against

It’s simple to cancel BrightCare

We’re confident you’ll enjoy the benefits of BrightCare. But you can cancel it at any time.

Your statutory rights won’t be affected when you get BrightCare.