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The Cost Of Going Back To School

When it comes to preparing your children for returning to school, it's surprising how quickly the costs can mount up.

From the rising costs of school uniforms and essential equipment, to sports kits, musical instruments and the increasing requirement for kids to own their own computer, ensuring your child has everything they need for the new term can put real pressure on your finances. We interviewed over 3000 parents of primary, secondary and college age students in a BrightHouse survey to discover how much they typically spend on preparing their children for a new school year.

Scroll down to discover the hidden costs of starting a new term - and which school age is likely to set you back the most!

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43% of respondents spent in excess of £50 on uniform when sending their kids back to school.

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What technology did you purchase for your kids?

38%purchased new technology

  • Laptop


    Laptops were the most purchased item of technology

  • Tablet


    Tablets were the most puchased items of technology for parents of kids at primary school

  • Mobile


    Phones were the most puchased popular for parents of kids at secondary school

What technology did you purchase for your kids?

From stationary and text books to sports equipment and musical instruments, our survey revealed that college kids generally require the most expensive special equipment.

In contrast primary kids required the least amount of money spending on school equipment. 47% of parents with kids at primary school spent less than £20 on school equipment.

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Overall cost of going back to school


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