Clearance on Refreshed Products deals only available in store

At BrightHouse we have a fantastic range of refreshed products available,
from the latest top branded technology to home appliances and furniture.

Our dedicated service team evaluate the condition of any product returned to us. Products are then cleaned and repaired where necessary, whilst being taken through numerous checks to ensure the product is refreshed back to a high standard. So, when you buy a refreshed product you can be confident that the product has been:

Professionally Refurbished

Expertly checked, serviced and refreshed by highly skilled engineers and upholsterers

Quality Certified

Passed quality control checks to ensure products are of a high standard

Great Value

Lower weekly prices and/or terms compared to brand new products

Our Refreshed Range

Representative APR 69.9%

from £1.35 per week


up to 925 products in stock

from £1.50 per week


up to 1,572 products in stock

from £1.65 per week


up to 1,979 products in stock

from £1.10 per week


up to 1,988 products in stock

from £1.60 per week
single seater

Single Seaters

up to 729 products in stock

from £2.40 per week
2 Seater

Double Seaters

up to 718 products in stock

from £2.75 per week
3 Seater

Three Seaters

up to 914 products in stock

from £3.70 per week
Corner Sofa

Corner Sofas

up to 882 products in stock

As with all our products, refreshed products are also available on our hire purchase agreements.

Our payment plans for refreshed products allow you to choose from pay weekly or pay monthly options over a fewer number of payment weeks than for a new product, making them a great value alternative to buying brand new.

What’s more, you can still choose BrightCare protection on all our refreshed products, giving you unlimited repairs if they develop a fault and like-for-like replacements if we can’t fix it or, you can choose independent cover.