There are some great new ways to shop with BrightHouse.

We are pleased to announce our new Variable Terms, giving you more control over how much and how long you pay for your products.

If you can afford to pay a little more each week, you can reduce both your term and the total payable. As you browse through the website, you will clearly see the options that are available.

But that’s not all! We also have a new and improved service cover option available to you. BrightCare is an optional service package that provides you with peace of mind. You won’t pay a penny towards any repairs if your product breaks down.

If you need a repair, simply give us a call and we will get one of our engineers to put it right. We will also come to you to fix the big products like a washing machine or a sofa in your home, saving you the stress of sending your products away. For smaller items, like phones and laptops, we will ask you to bring them into your store.

But don’t forget, your product still requires insurance against fire, theft and accidental damage. This can be yours or ours, you choose

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