Six Steps to Washing Machines


  • Sizes range from 7kg (small to medium household) to 11kg (large household)
  • The bigger the drum, the more items you can wash
  •  With a bigger capacity, you can do fewer washes saving water and electricity costs


Spin Speed

  • Measured in revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Ranges from 1150rpm to 1600rpm
  • The faster the spin speed (RPM), the more water is removed and the faster the clothes will dry



Noise Level

  • A quiet washing machine can be crutial in open-plan living
  • Our 'super-silent' washing machines dramatically reduce noise levels
  • Measured in decibels dB(A) from 45 to 65 dB(A)



Quick Wash

  • Allows you to wash a small load quickly
  • Best for clothes that aren't too dirty
  • Some quick wash cycles take as little as 14 minutes




Latest Technology

  • Some machines offer advanced features
  • Look for features such as automatic half load and stream programmes





Energy Rating

  • The higher the energy rating the more energy efficient the washing machine is and the less water it uses
  • All our washing machines range from A+++ down to A


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