Four Steps to Audio Visual


  • Hi Fi: Listen to music through CDs, Digital Radio (DAB), wireless streaming or connection to your phone and MP3 player and enjoy 1000’s of your favourite tracks
  • Boombox: Offers additional features like dual turntables or the function of a
    karaoke machine
  • Power Output: Measured in Watts (W) ranging from 1,000 to 2,300W

Hi-Fi’s and boomboxes are available in a variety of sizes from the Micro Hi-Fi to the
enormous 75cm tall speakers on the LG Boombox




  • On-ear: Designed to rest lightly on your ears connected by a band that wraps around the top of your head. Amazing sound with great awareness of your surroundings
  • Over-ear: Fully cover the ear and ideal for sitting and listening to music for long periods of time. Cancels out any outside noise so there are no distractions



Blu-ray players

  • High definition equivalent of a DVD player providing quality images and sound
  • Plays standard DVDs as well as Blu-ray discs
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to access free catch-up services and films on demand



Home Cinema System/Soundbar

  • Home cinema: Powerful surround sound to create an amazing cinema experience. Normally includes a DVD player, subwoofer and small speakers. Some systems also allow you to access free catch-up services and films on demand
  •  Soundbars: Upgrades your TV sound with a more powerful bass and clear natural sound. Comes with a subwoofer which you can place anywhere in the room


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