Five Steps to Tumble Dryers

Type of Dryer

  • Condenser: Doesn’t need a hose. Water is collected into a container which is emptied after drying (All BrightHouse models are condenser dryers)
  • Vented: Works by venting the warm damp air through a hose and out of an open window. Needs to be positioned by a window or external wall with a vent




  • Our products range from 7.5kg to 9kg
  • The bigger the drum the more clothes you can dry
  • With a bigger capacity, you can also do fewer loads saving electric costs



Sensor Drying

  • Sensor detects when clothes are dry and stops the machine automatically
  • Some dryers let you choose the level of dryness so you can have them ready to wear or nearly dry to make it easier to iron
  • This helps to save you money on energy bills



Temperature Programmes

  • Different clothes require different temperature settings, e.g. cottons or synthetic
  • The more settings available the more types of clothes you can dry without causing any damage to the material




Energy Rating

  • Ranges from A+ down to C
  • The higher the energy rating the more energy efficient the dryer is.


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