Vacuum Buying Guide

There’s more to a vacuum than meets the eye – so how can you be sure that you’ve picked the best vacuum cleaner for your needs? Take a look at our guide to make the choice a little simpler.vacuum cleaner

To keep the house clean and tidy, a vacuum cleaner is a must. Easy to use and taking the stress out of spring cleaning, a vacuum can help you keep up with the housework and can be used on carpets and hard surfaces alike.

Our range of vacuum cleaners make cleaning easy – and this guide should make picking the right one easy too!

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

There’s two types of vacuum to consider when you’re looking to upgrade your home cleaning tools.

Cylinder vacuums

These models tend to be more compact, and include handles so you can easily carry them around the house. For that reason, they’re also more lightweight than their often larger alternatives.

Cylinder vacuums are great for cleaning small areas, and can easily handle the carpet on a flight of stairs.

Upright vacuums:

Upright vacuum models are fitted with ergonomic technology to make them easier to manipulate across larger areas, such as the front room carpet.

Upright vacuums come equipped with tools to clean smaller areas too, such as a detachable nozzle for cleaning stairs and corners.

Bagged and Baggless Vacuums

Choosing a vacuum with or without a bag is mainly a matter of preference, and don’t necessarily affect the vacuum performance. However, they require different treatment.

Bagged cleaners: Vacuum cleaners which use bags tend to be less expensive than their counterparts. Bags store the dirt you’ve sucked up and are thrown away once full. This means you will have to keep buying new bags.

Bagless cleaners: You don’t need a vacuum bag for these – cyclone technology curbs dust into a specially-designed container, which you can then remove, empty, and pop back into the vacuum.

Bagless vacuums can also come with anti-bacterial protection, tacking dust mites and allergens.

Vacuum Performance

There’s lots more technology behind the performance of a vacuum than you might think.

Cleaning performance: This is measured in air watts, and describes the suction power of the vacuum. Bagless versions tend to build up more air watts than those with bags.

Power: Higher wattage means higher power. The power of our vacuums range from 225W to 360W

No loss of suction: This refers to special technology which allows the vacuum to provide great cleaning power. It negates the risk of dirt clogging up the vacuum filter, allowing for a more effective clean.

Vacuum Filters

A filtration system is present on all vacuum cleaners, and different filters can do different things. You might want to choose a different filter depending on your needs.

Stage filters: These are comprised of a number of different individual filters and are found in bagged vacuum cleans. The bag usually acts as a filter, while a filter between the bed and motor chambers catches more dust. There can often be up to 7 filters.

Lifetime filters: These are designed to last the entire life of the vacuum.

HEPA: Standing for High Efficiency Particulate Air, these filters can catch even the smallest dirt particles rather than recirculate them back into the air. This makes them perfect for anti-allergy households.

Charcoal filter: These specialised filters are made to stop any smells during the vacuuming process. They are often the vacuum of choice for pet owners.

How to Apply for a Vacuum on Credit

It’s much easier than you might think to get a vacuum without having to pay the full price upfront.

All our products are available on easy weekly payment plans with our hire purchase agreements, which means you can get the items you need right now. All you need to do is:

-          Fill out our application form

-          Pop in to your local store and choose your product

-          Get your item delivered in just 7 days

Our Five Star Service is included in the price and should your vacuum break – if we can’t repair it, we’ll give you a like for like replacement (terms and conditions apply)!

Apply now for your new vacuum.


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