Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

It’s not always possible to hang your clothes out to dry – if you’re part of a busy household, or need clothes to be dry quick, a tumble dryer is a fantastic investment. The perfect tumble dryer can be an essential addition to your home, and our guide should make picking one easy.

Make the laundry process that much easier with a tumble dryer, and enjoy the lovely soft fluffy feel of perfectly dried clothes. Take a look at our full range of dryers here, or read on to narrow down the basics.


Choosing a tumble dryer

One of the first considerations has to be space – where exactly will your tumble dryer fit in your kitchen, utility room or garage?tumble dryer

Full-sized tumble dryers tend to have about the same capacity as a washing machine, which means you can throw wet clothes straight in. Because of this, many people like to have their dryer next to the washing machine.

Because tumble dryers are lighter than washing machines, you could stack your dryer on top of your washer if you live in a flat for example or are simply a bit short on space.

You can also fit a dryer under most worktops – but be sure to take measurements before ordering a dryer.


Types of Dryer

When you pick a tumble dryer, there are two options open to you. Both work in different ways, and both have their own unique benefits.

Vented tumble dryers: These work by discharging the damp air which is created by drying, and expelling it outside of your home via a plastic hose. This prevents condensation and allows for effective drying.

You will need to put your dryer near a window or a vent to the outside wall if you choose a vented tumble dryer.

Condenser Dryer: Condenser work by extracting and dispensing water from wet laundry into a container, which you can then simply empty out.

A condenser dryer can be fitted into any well-ventilated room, and you won’t need to install a hose. Condensing tumble dryers are also especially energy efficient in their operation.


Dryer Energy Efficiency

Dryers are issued an energy rating according to how economical they are. The rating is defined from A, being the most energy efficient, down to G, the least efficient. These grades are decided by Trading Standards.

How much your dryer costs to run will, of course, will essentially depend on how often you use it and for how long. Dryers, on the whole, cost a little more to run than washing machines – although if you pick an A-rated model and don’t overload the machine, you will keep costs down.


Sensor Drying

Tumble dryers fitted with a special sensor can help you save energy and money. They work by sensing when the clothes are dry, stopping as soon as they are.

Many dryers will allow you to choose how dry your clothes should be before the tumble dryer stops. You can opt for them to be slightly damp to make them easier to iron, for example.


Choosing a Washer Dryer

If you want to save on space, you can opt for an all-in-one with a washer dryer. These machines allow for the washing and drying of your clothes in the same machine.

Washer dryers are excellent for saving space, but when choosing one, however you’ll  of course not be able to wash and dry your clothes at the same time. Something which can often be highly beneficial for large and busy households.


Tumble Dryer Delivery

Getting your dryer delivered and installed can seem like it might be a difficult process, but at BrightHouse full delivery and installation is included in our buy now pay later hire purchase agreements.

Our Five Star Service

Enjoy our all-inclusive Five Star Service giving you total piece of mind when shopping with us. The Five Star Service package includes delivery, installation, unlimited repairs, loan products when required and like-for-like replacement products.

To get your brand new dryer, all you need to do is:

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