Tablet Buying Guide

There’s so many different kind of computers on the market these days, picking the right one for what you need isn’t exactly easy. But if you’re after portable internet browsing and entertainment, tablets are a great choice. Take a look at our range of buy now pay later tablets with our hire purchase agreement, or get the low-down by reading our handy guide.

What is a Tablet Computer?

tablet computerThese easy-to-carry, simple to use slim-line pieces of hardware are just perfect for slipping into your bag for long journeys, and great for browsing the web wherever you happen to be. A bit like smartphones, they’re fully internet-enabled and are customisable with downloadable applications.

They’re very quick to turn on and get running, and are fantastic for playing games and taking notes. With a smooth-operating touch screen, you can note down whatever piece of inspiration comes to you while you’re on the bus home.


Should I get a tablet?

If you want something which can run multiple programs, has lots and lots of data storage and a high processing power, you’ll need to take a look at desktop computers or – if you need portability – some high-end laptops.

A tablet is mostly suited to users who spend a lot of their time on the internet, especially on the go. Consider getting a tablet if you want to use it to:

  • Play games like Angry Birds and some online multiplayer games
  • Browse the internet on the move
  • Read books, magazines and newspapers online or as e-books
  • Catch up on your emails
  • Make video calls
  • Watching Youtube or catch-up TV

Tablets at a Glance

If you’re set on getting a tablet, these are the main things to take into consideration:

Tablet Operating Systems

Different tablets run on different operating systems, all of which have their own strengths. The two main ones are Android and Apple.

Apple is fast and simple, and comes with specialised applications for download. Android, which was created by Google, often has a little more processing power and is great for more than just games and the internet.

Apple: Fast, functional, great for apps and game downloads

Android: High number of apps from Google Play, great for multi-functionality

Tablet Memory and Storage

Different tablets come with different amounts of memory, and the best option really depends on how much space you intend to use up on the tablet itself.

  • 16GB will be able to store about 4000 songs, for example
  • 8GB would be a good choice for someone intending to use SD cards to store data

Tablet Screen Display

tablet displayA higher screen resolution means a higher quality of image. Larger screens are better for watching films and browsing the web, but smaller screens have increased portability.

Multi-touch is a screen option which allows you to use more than one finger at once to swipe and resize, allowing for a much smoother internet browsing experience.

7-inch display: Choose this size if it’s all about portability for you.

10-inch display: Go for a larger tablet for easier typing and clearer screen definition.

Camera and Connectivity

Tablets are fitted with a camera, which is perfect for uploading photos onto Twitter or Instagram. If you want to use Skype, choose one with a front-facing camera so your friends can see your smile while you type!

Tablets come with the option to use your home WiFi, but you can also choose 3G and 4G if you want to get the internet on the move.

3G tablet connectivity: 3G is the standard, widely-available way of connecting to the internet on the move. It works well in places with good signal, but can fall a little short in more remote areas.

4G tablet connectivity: 4G is a faster, smoother service which gives you a speedy connection to the internet.

Both 3G and 4G give you the option of connecting to the internet even if you’re not connected to a WiFi hotspot; bear in mind that in order to access this you would need to pay for a coverage plan. These usually cost about £10 a month.

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