Sofa Buying Guide

When you buy a sofa, you're making a real investment. A sofa is likely to be part of a family home for many years. As such it's important the sofa you choose compliments your living room and décor.

At BrightHouse, we know that sometimes life doesn't go to plan. If you need a new sofa but you can't afford to pay a big, hefty upfront price, our weekly payment agreements take the hassle out of the equation. Our weekly prices mean you can buy now pay later on a range of home products, and enjoy the benefit of our Five Star Service.

If you’re wracking your brains thinking of which sofa to choose, take a look at our handy sofa buying guide to make your choice a little easier.

Types of Sofa

When it comes to sofa styles, it's not always so simple. There's plenty more types of sofa than your standard two or three seater. Depending on the style of sofa you choose, you can achieve a whole different look to compliment your living room.

Corner Group Sofas: These sofas tend to be on the larger side, and comprise of a corner unit used in combination with regular sofa elements. Corner sofas can be a great solution for smaller rooms where space for multiple sofas is limited.

Chaise longue: A chaise longue sofa is designed with lying down and relaxing in mind. They're usually shaped a little differently to a regular sofa, with only one arm rather than two.

Recliner: Recliner sofas are fitted with reclining components to give you full lounging support. Fitted with recliner action, these sofas include leg rests which are easily lifted from the main sofa body for the ultimate relaxing experience. We stock a range of 3-seater and 2-steater reclining sofas in a range of fabrics and styles.

Sofa Beds: These snazzy sofas do what their name suggests – they can turn into a bed!

Though they look exactly like a full sofa during the day, they can easily turn into a bed when night approaches. Perfect for smaller houses where there isn't always the scope to have a dedicated guest room.

Audio sofas: For the more hi-tech amongst you, an 'audio' sofa includes fully-integrated speakers, docking station and full Bluetooth connectivity.

Choose a Sofa Size

The size of your sofa is a big aspect in choosing one. So before you pick the sofa you want, you'll need to get a measuring tape out.

Be sure to measure the entrance to your house, doorways etc so you can be sure that the sofa will be able to fit into your front room.

Our range of sofas cover all sizes, from smaller cosy sofas to large 3-seaters. All our sofas are displayed with sizes, so be sure to gauge the size of the sofa in your room before you make a purchase.

One thing to note is that your sofa should site at least 30cm away from a radiator, to prevent heat damage to the material.

Choose a Sofa Material

The material choice of your new sofa is an important aspect, not just because of the way it looks but the way it feels.

At BrightHouse, we stock high-quality fabric and leather sofas, with a wide range to compliment your individual home décor.

Leather: Leather sofas are super soft and comfy, and are easy to wipe clean. Leather sofas look super-stylish and come in a range of colours – there's even fabric and leather combinations!

Fabric: For something super snuggly, choose a fabric sofa. These are always the most affordable option, but still retain the high quality that you can expect from BrightHouse.

Delivering your Sofa

The thought of getting your new sofa to your house may seem a little stressful, especially if you've opted for a particularly large sofa. However, with our Five Star Service, you don't have to worry about delivery – in fact, you don't need to worry about anything!

Our weekly payment plans include full delivery installation, product insurance, unlimited repairs and like for like replacement if something should go wrong.

To get your brand new sofa, all you need to do is fill in our quick application form, and then pop down to your local store to choose your product.

Apply now for a brand new sofa, or find your nearest BrightHouse store.


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