Mobile Phone Buying Guide

Picking a mobile phone these days can be a bit of a chore – with so much jargon and so many models and types to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice. Our comprehensive buying guide should set things straight for you.

No matter how basic or advanced you want your mobile phone to be, we stock a range of styles and types that cover all sorts of requirements. Once you’ve read our guide, be sure to check out our extensive range of mobiles.

Operating System

These days, mobile phones are fitted with an operating system, much like a computer or laptop. Different operating systems are great for different things, and should be a key consideration in your purchase.

Android: Google's own operating system Android, allows you access to a great number of applications from Google Play, along with quick response times and some fantastic features.

Blackberry: This is Blackberry's operating system, and is designed especially to get the most out of messaging, emails and web surfing on the go.

Microsoft: A Windows operating system offers a stylish appearance and easy touch-screen control.

Apple (IOS): One of the more popular operating systems, Apple allows you to download a whole host of applications for all sort of different jobs.

Mobile Network

When you pick a phone, you'll need to be aware that some mobile phones are locked to a certain network.

3G and 4G allow for advanced, quick internet browsing on the go, while Wi-Fi capable phones are able to connect to the internet via wireless network points.

Mobile Cameras

Most phones these days come equipped with a camera, and with full internet capabilities you can upload your snaps straight to social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

The higher the megapixels, the clearer photos will be – and that counts for videos too.

Smartphones can be equipped with front-facing cameras and rear-facing cameras – front-facing cameras allow you to take video calls in addition to regular pictures.

Mobile Battery Life

If you expect to be taking your phone on long trips, you'll need something with a longer battery life. However, different application use up battery life at different speeds.

Stand-by time: This refers to how long the mobile will last while it’s not being used.

Talk time: It goes without saying that when you take or make a phone call, the battery on your mobile phone will reduce quicker. Talk time refers to how long the battery lasts should it be in constant call mode.

Mobile Screen Display

Smartphones come with a variety of options – you can opt for touch screens, or you can choose a mixture of touchscreen and regular buttons.

Bigger screen sizes are perfect if you’re expecting to use the phone for lots of web surfing, games or frequent photography / video. Opt for a smaller size if you're just intended to use your mobile phone for calls, texts and perhaps a little entertainment during a commute.

Mobile or Tablet?

If you expect to use a smartphone mainly for internet browsing, it might be worth considering a tablet.

Tablet computers can offer everything you would want from a laptop, in a portable and easy-to-use package. Take a look at our tablet buying guide here, or browse our tablet range.

Whilst making phone calls on a tablet is typically not a standard feature, you can check your emails, surf the internet, and play games on the move.

How to get a Mobile Phone on Credit

It's so easy to buy a mobile phone from us with our weekly payment hire purchase agreements. All you need to do is:

  1. Fill out an application form
  2. Visit your local store and pick your mobile (find your nearest store here)
  3. Have your phone delivered to you within 7 days.

At BrightHouse, we know that life doesn't always go to plan – if you need a new mobile phone right now, we offer a range on buy now pay later with our hire purchase agreements. That means you don't need to pay a big upfront price; and what's more, everything is covered with our Five Star Service.

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