Microwave Buying Guide

In a busy lifestyle, a good microwave can be exactly what you need to keep life going smoothly. If you’re a busy person, then having a way to quickly and easily rustle up dinner for yourself or your family can often be a necessity – so how can you be sure that you’re picking the right microwave?


Our simple guide should answer any questions that you may have. And once you’re clued up, take a look at our range of microwaves, all available on our buy now pay later hire purchase agreements.

Types of Microwave

Microwaves have advanced significantly in recent years – nowadays, different types of microwaves can cook different things for you.

Standard microwave

The most common microwave you will see is the standard microwave, with a microwave plate and space to cook bowls or plates of food.

If all you require is simple microwave cooking, then this type of microwave will make a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Grill Microwave

When you pick a grill microwave, you’ll get a microwave oven with the addition of an internal grill. The grill element is particular beneficial browning your food or adding a delicious crunchy topping.

Combi Microwave

Because it’s fitted with a grill and a convection oven, a combined microwave can provide lots of flexibility to your cooking. You can use both functions at once, or one at a time.

There are also combi microwaves available which offer a steam function, which is great for delicate foods such as vegetables.

Microwave Specifications

The size of a microwave is often a key consideration factor.

Most microwaves, particularly the ones at the lower end of the price scale, range from around 17L in capacity. This is fine for someone who lives alone, or who uses a microwave to supplement traditional oven cooking.

Microwave capacity often extends up to a maximum of around 27L in capacity, which is perfect for larger families. You’d be surprised how much more you can fit into a microwave of this size over a small model.

It’s also worth noting that microwave power affects how quickly your dinner will be cooked – the higher the wattage, the speedier your microwave will do its job.

Microwave Features

Like plenty of electrical goods, especially in the kitchen, you can get all sorts of extra features in a microwave. Have a browse around when you buy and see which features are of most use to you.

Sensor microwaving: This swanky function allows the microwave to sense the moisture in your food and adjust the power and time needed to cook it automatically.

Presets: Make things easy by picking a microwave with preset programmes to cook specific foods – no more overdone dinners!

Child locks: A parent favourite, a child lock feature stops children from stopping cooking or starting it up.

Chaos defrost: Sounds dramatic, but this function reduces defrosting time significantly. It is able to measure the weight of the food and change the program accordingly.

Get a Microwave on Credit

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