Fridge Buying Guide

There's no doubt about it – your fridge is a very important aspect of your kitchen. It's where all the components for the family meals are kept. Since it's a big decision to make, we’ve come up with this simple guide to ensure that you are picking the right fridge for your needs.
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Fridges these days can do all sorts of things, from storing food to keeping wine chilled. All sorts of additions can make it perfect for storing eggs, chilling water and ensuring your home-cooked meals stay tasty leftovers.

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Types of Fridge

Different types of fridge are great for different things. When it comes to fridge types, it's mainly the inside which changes. Pick whichever you think will most suit your family’s needs.

Freezer compartments: These serve as tiny freezers, and are fitting into the top of the fridge. They are excellent for people who live alone, as they negate the need for a bulky standalone freezer. The amount of time you can keep frozen food in here will depend upon the star rating of your fridge.

Integrated fridges: These are fitted with a front panel which means that it is easily integrated into your kitchen décor. This means that when you’ve closed your fridge, it looks just like another cupboard.

Larder fridges: These are the standard fridge, without a freezer compartment. These are often chosen to compliment a separate freezer, and are great for small families. They do, however, require some extra space in your kitchen.

Fridge-freezers: For those who are a little stretched for space but still have a family to feed, fridge freezers keep things more compact by offering both fridge and freezer capabilities in one package.

Choosing Fridge Features

fridgeYou might want to pick a fridge with a couple more features to make storing food that little bit easier.

Auto-defrost: Larder fridges come with an auto-defrost option, which means you won’t need to defrost it manually.

Fridges with ice boxes require defrosting now and again, which means you'll need to take all the food out to do so. Auto-defrost is a great feature to pick if you have a busy household.

Anti-bacterial: In order to negate the risk of your fridge smelling or being subject to bacterial growth, pick one with an antibacterial coating on the inside.

Fixtures: Fridges are issued with either wire shelves or glass shelves. Glass shelves stop food from dripping to lower levels, and are easier to clean.

You can also get fridges which contain bottle holders for wine, and compartments which you can use for storing dairy products like cheese and eggs.

Fridge Energy Efficiency

Manufacturers grade their appliances according to how well they use energy, and thus how much they can save you on the cost of running them. The energy efficiency of fridges is rated according to the Trading Standards.

Fridges are rated in energy efficiency from A – G, with G being the least efficient. You can also find higher grades A+ and A++ for extra energy saving.

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