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One of the most important parts of your kitchen is your freezer. Saving you plenty of money by freezing food to eat later, it allows you to shop ahead and keep plenty of food in storage.

Here’s our guide on how to choose the best freezer for your family.

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Types of Freezer

There are different types of freezer specifically to suit different needs. Considerations need to be taken according to the space you need, and how much you expect to use your freezer.

Upright freezers

These are your standard freezers, and can come in a range of sizes. You can choose smaller freezers in this style, or taller ones; they tend to stay in your kitchen along with the other appliances.

These kind of freezers are great for lots of freezing, but tend to be better for day-to-day use (such as freezing a week’s worth of food for the family).

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are best-suited to households which have a garage or a utility room, as they are often too big to store in a kitchen with all the other appliances.

Chest freezers are suited to those who wish to freeze food in bulk. They have no shelves, but do sometimes come with wire baskets.

Integrated Freezers

Integrated freezers are so-called because they are fitted with a front panel which is able to match the rest of your kitchen unit. This is a style choice more than anything, but integrated freezers have much the same benefits to those of upright freezers.

Freezer Jargon

To get the full low-down on freezers, you’ll need to understand these terms when picking one for your home.

Freezer Temperature

Freezers will come with an internal thermometer so you can see what’s going on regarding the temperature.

The temperature is an important thing to keep tabs on – in order ensure the correct level of freezing and to reduce the need for defrosting, you’ll need to be sure the temperature is set at an adequate level.

Fast Freeze

There is a fast freeze option on some freezers which allows for the quick freezing of food. This should be primarily utilised when placing warm items into a freezer.

Some freezers come with an automatic fast freeze option which kicks in when the freezer becomes too warm, and switches off when the food is adequately chilled / frozen.

Frost Free

Frost free freezers make defrosting unnecessary, by enabling fast freezing across compartments. This also means that no ice crystals are formed within the freezer.

Freezer Installation

It’s worth noting a few points when purchasing a freezer.

-          Your freezer must have about 2.5cm gap on the top, back and sides between the unit and wall. This is to allow proper ventilation and maintain energy-efficiency.

-          When installing a freezer below a worktop, ensure that there is about a 2.5cm gap between the top of the freezer and the worktop. You’ll need to take measurements before ordering your new freezer.

-          Keep your freezer upright during installation, and allow 6 hours before you switch it on. It would be a good idea to leave it overnight so that the correct internal temperature can be achieved.

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Fridge Freezers

fridge freezerYou may want to consider a fridge freezer if space in your kitchen is an issue.

Fridge freezers are comprised of both a fridge and a freezer, with both the fridge and freezer often functioning from different controls.

Fridge freezers are excellent for small or medium-sized families, and take up a reduced amount of floor space compared to the separate fridge and freezer option.

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