Energy Efficiency Buying Guide

These days, energy efficiency has never been more important – and it's not just about reducing your carbon footprint. With the constant rising of energy prices, keeping on top of energy ratings is essential.

Whether you’re considering buying a new electrical appliance, or you just want to know how to cut energy useage, we’ve created this handy guide on staying green.

Energy Labels

Energy labels are displayed on electrical goods as part of the industry standard. An energy label can show you how energy efficient an aplliance is at a glance.

The more energy efficient an item, the less carbon emmisions it is responsible for. It will also cost you significantlly less to run.

Energy labels show the energy rating from G up to A, with A being the most efficient. You can also get A+ and A++ appliances. Our appliances go up to A+++.

We clearly display the energy rating of each appliance, giving you the chance to make a more informed choice when seeking to reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Tips

There's all sorts of things you can do when using your appliances to cut down energy usage and carbon emmisions.

Refrigeration: Don't put cooked food immediately into your fridge or freezer until it has had time to cool down, try to position your fridge away from a radiator or oven.

Washing machines: Don't overload a machine, and if you can, wash at a lower temperature (such as 30 degrees).

Tumble dryers: Tumble dryers can come with a host of energy-saving features, such as sensing techonolgy to stop working the moment the clothes are dry. Make sure you clear the filter often, and on sunny days pop your clothes our on a clothes line in the garden.

Ovens: When choosing an oven, bear in mind that those with better insulation will consume less energy.

Televisions: Try to avoid using the standby button when you aren't using your TV, turn it off completley.

Computers: Don't let your computer sit idle when you're not using it. Switch it off at the wall, or set the moitor to switch off after a certain amount of inactivity.

Mobile phones: When you charge your phone, make sure you unplug it and switch it off the charger at the wall once you’re done.

Recyling Old Appliances

You can recyle you old electrical appliances for free – so think twice before putting your old cooker or microwave into landful.

Every year, tons of electrical goods are put straight into landfil. Because materials used in these are not biodegradable, they can stay buried for decades without breaking down, and leak hazardous chemicals into soil and water.

To tackle this, BrightHouse actively supports the national network of Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment recycling centres, which you will find in your local community.

Click here to find out more about recycling old appliances.

You can see our full range of appliances here, and our full range of electrical goods here.


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