DVD Player Buying Guide

When you want to enjoy your favourite films and TV shows, you want to do so in the highest quality and best definition. Picking the right DVD player isn't always an easy task, that's why we’ve made this helpful buying guide to make things a little easier.

DVD and Blu-ray players have come a long way in the last couple of years, and include a whole host of features that you'll need to consider. Once you’ve made your choice, why not take a look at our range of DVD and Blu-ray players – all are avalible on our weekly payment hire purchase agreements.

Types of DVD Player

With an ever increasing range of DVD players availble, the key features to consider are functionality and picture quality output of your chosen DVDs.

DVD Players

DVD players typically referred to as 'standard', can be packed with all sorts of useful features and functions.

With a DVD player, you’ll be able to quickly and easily skip between scenes and menus on your DVD, and be able to enjoy special features which are often issued on each DVD disc. The picture quality mean there’s highly reduced flickering, and much higher visual quality.

HD DVD Players

A step up from your standard DVD player, HD DVD players can play HD DVDs, giving you a crisp, perfect picture quality.

When you set it up with a HD TV, you’ll get breathtaking quality. Bring the action closer that you thought you ever could!

DVD Recorders

Some DVDs will come with a function to record onto a blank DVD disk. By doing this, you can easily burn your home videos from a video camera or even a mobile phone.


Blu-ray players are all about taking entertainment to the next level – you can't get any better picture and sound.

Blu-ray DVDs are able to hold a great deal more information than a standard DVD disc, being able to hold about 5 DVDs on the one disc.

All Blu-ray players can play normal DVDs, but Blu-ray DVDs are needed to get the full viewing experience. You will also find that many Blu-ray DVDs are able to access special, extra content via an internet connection. Things like film exclusives and extras are avalible at your fingertips.

Get the Full Package

If you really want to get the full, ultimate viewing experience, you might want to consider some extras to your home cinema setup.

HD TVs: For crisp visuals, a HD TV will perfectly compliement a HD DVD player. A range of sizes are avalible, and if you really want something special you can choose a 3D TV.

Home Theatre: For the ultimate in sound technology, a home theatre system will fully immerse you in the action with excellent surround sound.

TV Stands: It's funny how the little things make a big difference – and a good TV stand will complete the look of your front room and your home cinema setup.

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