Dining Furniture Buying Guide

Your dining room is one of the most visited areas in your home – whether it's a place for family meals, or just where you sit down to have a snack. As such, quite a lot of thought should go into picking your dining room furniture.

Because we know picking the right furniture can be a little tough, we’ve created this simple buying guide to help you choose the perfect dining table and chairs.

When you’ve decided what you’re looking for, take a look at our range of dining tables, and our range of matching dining chairs.

Key Considerations

When you're choosing your dining room furniture, it's not as simple as just picking something you like the look of. You need to take some things into consideration before you go for the purchase.


It is very important to get out a tape measure, and take some measurements of your dining room. If it’s currently empty, it might be difficult to envisage how much space your furniture is going to take.

The length and width of your chosen dining table is key. If you are sure where you are going to put it, make sure you’ve sized up your room against the size of your future table. Bear in mind that dining chairs are going to add to the space which will be taken up too.

You’ll also need to check that you will actually be able to get the dining table to the dining room too. Measure up doorframes before you buy.


It may seem like  small point, but the way your furntiure looks is key to how well it will suit your room. It may be that a carpeted room won't suit a wooden design, or perhaps furniture you already have in the room will clash with your new purchase.

Here's some quick style tips to help you out:

Dark woods: Because of the darker shade of certain woods, your dining furniture will appear heavier and bigger. Dark woods are perfect for larger rooms.

Light woods: Dining tables and chairs which are on the lighter side can make a small room look bright and breezy.

Clear tabletops: These can give an illusion of more space in a smaller room, as can reflective dining table surfaces.

Slatted chairs: Chairs which are slatted make the room appear brighter, while solid-backed chairs are better suited to larger rooms.

If you want to accessorise with a rug, you’ll need to measure this up beforehand too.

Wooden Furniture

For a classic, homely look, wooden dining furniture is a must.

Solid wooden tables and chairs: Sturdy and strong, this kind of furniture looks fantastic and can take a great deal of wear and tear.

Wooden furniture is made all the more appealing by the natural woodgrain and knots, which can give your dining room real personality.

Wood Veneer tables: Just as non-toxic and easily recycled as its solid wood counterpart, wood venner  is the cheaper option but no less attractive.

Veener furnture is constructed by applying natural wood onto core panels, usually made of wood board or MDF. It's sturdy, strong, and can handle the wear and tear of everyday life.

Dining Furniture Delivery

When you want to buy something as big as a dining table and dining chairs, the thought of getting them to your home can be a little daunting.

That's why we offer full delivery and installation as part of our Five Star Service, so you won’t need to worry about getting your new furniture to your home.

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