Console Buying Guide

At BrightHouse we love our gaming, and we’ve got a fantastic range of the latest consoles and handheld devices on offer. There are loads of fantastic games out there to keep you and your family entertained for hours, but which is the right gaming device for you?

Our gaming products fall into two categories – consoles for use at home with a TV, and self-contained portable devices for gaming on the go. We have the latest consoles from Xbox and PlayStation, offering powerful graphics and loads of great games to play at home with friends and family, and the latest feature-packed handheld devices from Nintendo and Sony for gaming fun when you’re out and about.

Choosing the perfect console for you is easy with our simple product guide. We’ll tell you all you need to know, so you can dive straight in and get playing the latest and greatest games!

Living Room Gaming

These consoles stay in one place and hook up to your TV, and offer the widest range of games and the most powerful hardware. They come with wireless controllers so you can play from anywhere in your living room, and you can have multiple players at once depending on how many controllers you have. You can also usually use these consoles to watch DVDs and Blu-rays.

Xbox One

xbox oneThis is the latest console from Microsoft, offering state-of-the-art graphics and processing power for fast and beautiful gaming, as well as providing an integrated TV and movie system all controllable through voice and gestures when linked to the Xbox Kinect system. With an Xbox Gold Membership, you can also browse and try hundreds of games and movies, as well as chat and play with friends on Xbox Live.



For: Hardcore gamers, family gaming



  • Powerful hardware – fast performance and stunning graphics 
  • Wireless controller
  • Watch TV, movies, and listen to music
  • Blu-ray and DVD Player
  • New Kinect – responds to voice and movements
  • Xbox Live

PlayStation 4

Playstation 4The latest PlayStation model from Sony, this console offers gorgeous graphics and lightning-fast performance, with lots of options for integration with portable gaming devices, tablets and smartphones, as well as a huge library of games to download and play on the PlayStation Network. You can also use the SHARE button on the wireless controller to instantly share your gameplay videos with friends.




For: Hardcore gamers, family gaming



  • Powerful hardware – fast performance and stunning graphics 
  • Wireless controller 
  • Watch TV, movies, and listen to music 
  • Blu-ray and DVD player 
  • PlayStation Network 
  • PlayStation App – link with smartphones and tablets 

Nintendo Wii U

wii uNintendo’s latest home console is packed with interesting features and innovative ideas, and the new GamePad controller adds another dimension to gameplay with its 6.2 inch touch screen, creating a second window into the game world. With HD graphics and a host of games and entertainment to download, this console will keep the whole family happy. The Wii U bundle also comes with a selection of games to get you started, as well as the GamePad Accessory Pack.



For: Family gaming, young gamers



  • Wireless controller with touchscreen
  • HD graphics
  • Premium bundle includes several games and exclusive Lego console skin
  • Family games
  • Nintendo eShop

Mobile Gaming

These devices are self-contained and hand-held so you can take them with you wherever you go, though they can still be quite powerful for high-end gaming and beautiful graphics. They are great for keeping the kids entertained on long journeys, or adults on the commute to work!

PlayStation Vita

ps vitaSony’s next generation portable gaming system is packed with features, and powerful enough to play a whole selection of games with eye-popping graphics. The Vita features a 5” touchscreen, dual analog sticks, and rear touch pads, along with front and rear cameras for amazing augmented reality gaming.

For: Hardcore gamers




  • Powerful hardware – fast performance and gorgeous graphics
  • 5” touchscreen
  • Front and rear facing cameras
  • Links with PlayStation  4

Nintendo 3DS XL

 nintentdo 3DSThis portable gaming device from Nintendo offers a touch screen and stylus, as well as a large upper screen with 3D gaming technology. You can experience stunning 3D games without glasses, and even control the level of 3D effect at any time with the built-in slider. The 3DS XL is a great console for younger kids, as it features many children-friendly games, but can still be enjoyed by the whole family.

For: Young gamers, family gaming




  • Dual screens
  • 3D gaming without glasses
  • 3D camera
  • Family and children-friendly games.

Gaming Accessories

If you really want to take your gaming to the next level you could always hook up your console to a gaming chair for maximum immersion and comfort.

X-Rocker Suzuka Gaming Chair

This gaming chair looks amazing, and makes you feel like you’re really there in the game or movie! The X-Rocker features built-in 2.1 speakers with independent controls for the levels of volume, base, and vibration. It can also wirelessly link up with all major consoles and TVs, as well as smartphones and MP3 players, so you can become part of the game!

For: Hardcore gamers, living room gamers


  • 2.1 Speakers
  • Vibration
  • Arm rests
  • Wireless connectivity


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