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We know that sometimes, life doesn’t go exactly to plan. If you need a new bed, and you need it now, there’s no need to lose sleep – our easy weekly payment agreements can get you back to bed sooner than you think.Double bed

Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture you own. It’s where you recharge after a hard day, and is essential for repairing the body. If your bed is old and worn and mattress lumpy, you could be losing essential sleep every night.

Our range of beds are specially chosen to ensure that you and your children get a good night’s sleep. Our handy buying guide will help you choose the perfect one for you – read on to learn all you need to know about beds.

Choosing a bed

Different types of beds are great for different sleepers and different room sizes and designs. You’ll need to take into consideration the size of your bedroom before you start thinking about the type of bed you’re after.

What is a Divan Bed

A divan refers to the base for a mattress. They are usually fitted with either springs in order for the mattress to mould to the body’s contours, or feature a solid top which will give much firmer support.

Divan beds often include drawers, so that you can use your bed as useful additional storage space. This is perfect for rooms which are short on space.

What is an Ottoman bed

An ottoman bed is a little unusual in that the base serves as a storage space – however unlike a divan bed in order to access it, the entire mattress is lifted on a series of springs and solid steel bars.

It may sound difficult, but thanks to those springs, it’s very easy indeed to lift the mattress. These types of beds allow you to get full, quick access to whatever you are storing below the bed, and since there’s no drawers you’ll get a real sleek look to your room.

What is a Bedstead

A bedstead is a more decorative, classical option when it comes to bedroom design. These are beds which comprise of a frame for the mattress to sit on, and are held up by four sturdy legs.

A bedstead can come in all sizes, and can also come as a bunk bed for kids.

Bedsteads are often made from steel or wood – choose whichever suits your style. Additionally the space under the bed can be used for storage, too.

Bed sizes

Just how big is a double bed? Do you need to skimp on size to get your new bed into your room? Our mattress size guide should answer any size questions.


3’ wide


4’6” wide

King Size

5’ wide

Super King Size

6’ wide


Choosing a Mattress

Different types of mattress suit different sleepers. You might need a bit more support for a bad back, or you might just be looking for something extra comfy.

mattressOpen Spring Mattresses

Standard mattresses are equipped with open springs. These offer good, standard support and are often the most affordable option in bed purchases.

An open spring mattress can be spotted by those solid, metal coils which make up the bulk of the mattress. These allow good support and mould according to your body shape, so you’ll have a good night’s sleep.

Pocket Spring Mattresses

A pocket spring is so-called because, much like the name suggests, the springs have their own pocket.

Sounds odd, but every spring is housed in its own fabric pocket. This stops the springs from tangling, and also allows for extra support.

The higher the number of springs, the higher the support. The greater your body mass, the more springs you will need for support and to ensure a better night’s sleep. Pocket spring mattresses are especially good for partners who differ significantly from one another in terms of size and shape.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are designed to mould with the shape of your body as you sleep. This allows for enhanced comfort, and gives you full support during your sleep while allowing you to move freely.

Memory foam mattresses have the added bonus of being hypo-allergenic, and are often anti-microbial.

How to Apply

It’s so easy to get hold of your new bed. All you need to do is apply for credit with us – fill in our application form. Then all you need to do is pop down to your local store and choose your product, and we’ll deliver it and install it for you.

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