Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

Your bedroom isn’t just all about your bed – in order to fully kit out your bedroom, you’re going to need drawers, wardrobes, storage…but how can you be sure that you’ve chosen the right furniture? Our easy guide will help set things straight.

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At BrightHouse, we’ve got a fantastic range of bedroom furniture to make your perfect, sleepy haven. From matching

bedroom furniture sets to standalone items, so what exactly do you need to know?

Bedroom Design

One of the biggest parts of choosing your bedroom furniture is the design – in fact, it’s something which can very much reflect your individual personality.

Before choosing a new wardrobe or chest of drawers, think about your preferred look. Furniture which is available in matching sets is often the best wayto go, as they give your room consistency. Then again, you might want to mix things up a bit.

The key factor to consider is space. Always measure up your room before making furniture purchases.

Bedroom storage

If you’ve got a smaller room,a big consideration in your bedroom furniture should be storage.

There’s some great optionsout there for additional storage beyond your standard chest of drawers or wardrobes:

Drawer wardrobes: Perfect for smaller rooms, as they offer the storage space of both a wardrobe and a chest of drawers in one.

The drawers are usually built into the bottom of the wardrobe unit, but some models have a couple of smaller drawers on just one half. These kind of wardrobes are great for kids’ rooms.

Shelf wardrobe: These wardrobes offer shelves rather than drawers. This kind of wardrobe comprises of one wardrobe section – usually one door in width – and a series of shelves in the other half of the interior.

These are great for storing jeans, trousers and the like.

Bedside tables: A perfect place to pop your alarm clock and a glass of water, a bedside table can double up as discreet storage space when you choose a bedside chest.

These drawers can measure as small as 40cm across, and are perfect for smaller rooms or your child’s first room.

Take a look at our range of divans which double up as storage.

Bedroom Furniture Materials

Your choice of material for your bedroom furniture is as much about the look as it is about the benefits of each individual material.

Pine Bedroom Furniture

One of the more frequently used materials for bedroom furniture, this light-coloured wood will make the room feel cosy and rustic.

Beech Bedroom Furniture

As beech is a hardwood, furniture build from this is very durable and tough. It’s a light-coloured material which looks great in any room.

Oak Bedroom Furniture

Oak is a fantastic choice for furniture; it’s very strong, sturdy, and with natural wood grain adds a certain character to a room.

Wood Veneer

Wooden veneers are used in order to retain a natural look to bedroom furniture, and cutting the cost of using natural wood.

Wood veneer sees furniture finished with thin wood layers, meaning that while it looks like solid wood, the furniture is lighter and more affordable.

Caring for Bedroom Furniture

Another consideration you will need to make when picking out your bedroom furniture is whether you will be able to care for it adequately. In order to get the most out of your wardrobe and your chest of drawers, you’ll need to be sure that you can prevent it from being damaged.

-          If possible, keep your furniture away from radiators in order to prevent cracking or buckling.

-          Try to avoid putting hot items like mugs of tea on the top of your bedroom furniture. Always use coasters and mats in order to avoid cracking or marking the wood.

-          Always rest paper on a mat or pad before using any bedroom furniture as a desk, for fear of indenting the wood.

-          Always lift furniture rather than dragging it.

Bedroom Furniture Delivery

Before you order your new furniture, take a tape measure around your house and measure doorways, corners and any spaces through which your furniture will need to fit once it’s delivered. It can sometime be quite challenging to get your new bedroom furniture up flights of stairs and into your desired bedroom.

Our Five Star Service

Enjoy our all-inclusive Five Star Service giving you total piece of mind when shopping with us. The Five Star Service package includes delivery, installation, unlimited repairs, loan products when required and like-for-like replacement products.

To get your brand new bedroom furniture, all you need to do is:

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-          Your item will be delivered to you within 7 days.

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