Buying Guides

Sometimes, selecting the product which best suits your needs and requirements is no mean feat. With so many different brands and models often available, picking out the perfect washing machine or mobile phone just isn’t as easy as it might first appear.

That’s why we’ve created these simple, easy to follow buying guides for each type of the individual product ranges we stock. Now it needn’t be a nightmare to pick a bed, and you won’t get hot and bothered about choosing a new cooker.

Vacuum Buying Guide

Vacuum cleaners

Don’t leave the cleaning until Spring! Choose a great vacuum cleaner now.

Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

Tumble dryers

No need to get in a spin – click here to get the lowdown on tumble dryers.

Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

Bedroom furniture

Check out our guide before you deck out your bedroom.

Bed Buying Guide


Sleep soundly once you've read our bed buying guide and picked the perfect bed.

Desktop Computer Buying Guide

Desktop computer

Choose the desktop computer you really need with our comprehensive buying guide.

Cooker Buying Guide


Get cooking up a storm with our cookers buying guide.

Fridge Buying Guide


Don’t get left out in the cold, follow our guide for the perfect fridge.

Tablets Buying Guide


Pick out the perfect tablet and discover the best in portable technology.

Consoles Buying Guide


What kind of gamer are you? There's plenty of consoles to pick from, so choose the right one.

Laptops Buying Guide


Our guide to laptops and notebooks will help you choose your portable computer.

TV Buying Guide


Get the ultimate viewing experience with our guide to choosing a TV.


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