Xbox One

xbox one

Microsoft’s foray into the new console generation sets the standard for which all other consoles can go by. With so much power behind it, a whole host of applications and plenty of best-selling games, the Xbox One is more than just a console.

Allowing for cloud-based gaming and PC-style graphics, Microsoft’s newest addition to the family lets you experience games in a whole new way. Plus, you can watch films and TV, stream music and surf the internet. Plus, there’s the voice and motion controls.

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The Xbox One Console

Within the sleek exterior of the Xbox One lies a powerful set of specifications, all designed to give you a full gaming and entertainment experience.

-          1080p HD graphics

-          8-core processor

-          Blu-ray drive

-          HDMI

-          USB 3.0 ports

-          Wireless networking

-          500GB hard drive and online cloud storage

Advanced motion and voice controls means you can manipulate the screen with the motioning of your hands – plus, you can switch the console on just by speaking.

Xbox One Games

Get fully immersed in the action with the enviable range of games on the Xbox One.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gamer you are – there’s games on the Xbox One which will suit you. With exclusive bonus content, exclusive titles and a wide range of interactivity options, this console will take you all the way from the race track to epic, sprawling RPG worlds.

Dedicated cloud servers allow gaming without any restrictions, enabling you to explore huge worlds and crisp, clear graphics; all in glorious HD.

-          Play games offline

-          Lend and swap games with your friends

-          Connect with the cloud for ultimate gaming experiences

-          Get online with friends

-          Experience incredible HD graphics and smooth responsive controls

The Xbox One Controller

xbox controller

Visually the Xbox One controller hasn’t changed much since the Xbox 360 – but once its in your hands, you’ll feel the difference. After over 40 changes and innovations, the Xbox controller is more advanced than it has ever been.

Regardless of whether it’s puzzle games or shooters you prefer, this controller allows for quick responses and has full Kinect connectivity.

Interact with just your hands with the advanced motion sensor control, or simply by the sound of your voice.


Impulse Triggers

Vibration motors with rumble feedback


Wi-Fi Direct Radio Stack


Redesigned for greater grip

Kinect compatible

IR LED connectivity


Newly designed D-pad


Expansion port with high-speed data transfer

Button sensitivity

Mechanical digital sensors

Wired connection

Plug into console (USB)


Xbox One Specifications

Optical Drive:


Backwards Compatibility:


Game DVR:

Yes, Upload Studio

Cross Game Chat:

Skype, Party Chat

HDCP Encryption:

No for games

Subscription Service:

Xbox Live


8GB DDR3 + 32MB eSRAM embedded memory


USB 3.0

Flash Memory:

8GB Flash Memory

Live Streaming:

Yes, With Twitch.TV


8 Core AMD custom CPU Frequency: 1.75 GHz

Reputation Preservation:

Achievements will be ported

GPU Clock Speed:

853 MHz GPU

Web Connection:

Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi


500 GB Hard Drive, External Hard Drive

Wifi Direct:

Built-in (A/B/G/N dual-band at 2.4ghz and 5ghz)

Second Screen:

SmartGlass App on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8

A/V Hookups:

HDMI input and output (4K support)

Cloud Storage:

Yes, Free Unlimited


DirectX 11.2

Mandatory Game Installs:


Mouse and Keyboard Support:

Not yet but potential to be supported

Required Internet Connection:

Initially – not required after

Used Game Fee:


Optical Drive:


Backwards Compatibility



Xbox LIVE Gold

Xbox LIVE allows you to play online – it’s your portal to multiplayer gaming, and allows you to download the latest games.

The new SmartMatch system allows online gaming to become a smarter, faster and fairer experience. You can also play online multiplayer with any Gold Member console, even if the user isn’t logged in at the time. This means more people can play in one household!

You will also be able to access fantastic films, music and applications; plus, you can chat with family and friends with Skype.

If you have Xbox Live on your Xbox 360, you can carry your membership, along with Gamertag and Achievements, across to your new console.


How to get Xbox One on Credit

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