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Sony Playstation 4 Infamous Second Son, Lego Marvel Super Heroes & Injustice Bundle

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  • Hard Drive: 500GB 
  • 2 Wireless controllers and headset
  • Infamous Second Son, Lego Marvel Super Heroes & Injustice
  • Incredible augmented reality experiences
  • Personalized content recommendations
  • Chat, share and watch with friends

Infamous Second Son, Lego Marvel Super Heroes & Injustice

Product Code:GE500PS42

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  • Product Insurance
  • Unlimited Repairs
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  • Like for like replacement

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PlayStation 4: The Best Place to Play

PlayStation®4 is the best place to play with dynamic, connected gaming, powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalization, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features.  Combining unparalleled content, immersive gaming experiences, all of your favourite digital entertainment apps, and PlayStation exclusives, PS4 centres on gamers, enabling them to play when, where and how they want.

Personalized, Curated Content

PS4 will learn your likes and dislikes, allowing you to discover content pre-loaded and ready to go on your console in your favourite game genera or by your favourite creators. Players also can look over game-related information shared by friends, view friends’ gameplay with ease, or obtain information of recommended content, including games, TV shows and movies. 


Increase your play time with more immediate play of downloaded titles.  When a player purchases a game, PS4 downloads a portion of the game, so play can start immediately, while the rest is downloaded in the background during actual gameplay.

Remote Play

Remote Play on PS4 fully unlocks the PS Vita’s potential, making it the ultimate companion device. With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly play PS4 titles on the beautiful 5-inch display over local Wi-Fi networks in a local environment.

PlayStation App

The “PlayStation®App” will enable iPhone, iPad, and Android™ based smartphones and tablets to become second screens for PS4. Once installed on these devices, players can view in game items, purchase PS4 games and download them directly to the console at home, or remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices.

Gamer Focused, Developer Inspired

PS4 centres on the gamer, ensuring that the very best games and the most immersive experiences are possible on the platform. PS4 enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a system that is tuned specifically to their needs. PS4 is centred around a powerful custom chip that contains eight x86-64 cores and a state of the art 1.84TFLOPS graphics processor with 8 GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 unified system memory, easing game creation and increasing the richness of content achievable on the platform. The end result is new games with rich, high-fidelity graphics and deeply immersive experiences.

New DUALSHOCK® Controller

Interact with games in all the ways you’re used to, and some you never expected. As well as more precise dual analogue sticks and built-in motion sensors, DUALSHOCK®4 also includes touch controls and the innovative SHARE button. Take complete control with the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller.

Shared Game Experiences

Engage in endless personal challenges between you and your community, and share epic triumphs with the press of a button. Simply hit the “SHARE button” on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game—the video uploads as you play. PS4 also enhances social spectating by enabling you to broadcast your gameplay in real-time.

PlayStation Plus

Built to bring games and gamers together, and fuel the next generation of gaming, PlayStation Plus helps you discover a world of exceptional gaming experiences through an Instant Game Collection, but is more than just great content.  Plus is a subscription service that takes your gaming experience to the next level. Each month members receive an Instant Game Collection of top rated blockbuster and innovative Indie games, which they can download direct to their console. Plus gives you exclusive access to a diverse range of immersive online multiplayer experiences to suit all players' tastes, from Killzone Shadow Fall to Driveclub, Watchdogs and Destiny.  Play and chat with your friends and a community of like-minded gamers from all over the world who love the same games as you do. One subscription payment gives you access to Plus on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems, so current members on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, can carry their subscription over to PS4 or use it across all their systems at no additional cost.

  • PlayStation 4 system
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes
  • Injustice: Game of the year
  • Take complete control with the all-new DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller
  • Use the SHARE button on DUALSHOCK 4 to share your game play videos and pictures
  • Mono headset, AC power cord, HDMI cable, USB cable
  • Revolutionise the way you play and enjoy gaming
  • Prepare for incredible augmented reality experiences on PS4
  • The PS4 will learn your likes and dislikes, allowing you to discover content
  • Remote Play on the PS4 fully unlocks the PlayStation Vita system's potential
  • Chat with your friends, watch their latest game play videos
  • PlayStation 4 doesn't place sharing restrictions on disc-based games
  • Increase your play time with the ability to play games while they're downloading titles

Hard Drive: 500 GB

Processor: x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”,  8 cores (CPU), 1.84 TFLOPS,  AMD next-generation Radeon™ based graphics engine (GPU)

Memory: 8 GB

Mobility: Stationary

Screen & Vision

Regional Video System: PAL

Resolution: 1080p


WiFi: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Inputs & Outputs

CD / DVD Drive: Yes

Ethernet Port: 1

HDMI Port: 1

AUX Port: 1

USB Port: 2

Other Ports: Digital Output x 1

Power & Energy

Power Consumption: 250 Watts

Power Supply: Mains Cable

General Information

Brand: Sony

Colour: Black

Material: Plastic & Metal

Product Dimensions: 275 × 53 × 305 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg

Product Code: GE500PS42

Manufacturer Model Number: O711719259886

Number of Boxes: 1

Assembly required: Yes


Accessories Included: PlayStation 4, wireless controller, Mono headset, AC power cord, HDMI cable, USB cable

Other Features / Functions: Augmented reality, Personalized content, chat, share and watch

Software Included: Infamous Second Son, Lego Marvel Super Heroes & Injustice

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