1. What's included in the 5 Star Service?

We have included a range of features to ensure your BrightHouse purchase is looked after for you:


  • Delivery
  • Installation


  • Unlimited repairs
  • Loan products when required
  • Like-for-like replacement


For more information on the BrightHouse 5 Star Service, click here.

Terms and conditions apply.

2. What's included in the weekly price?

As well as the benefits included with the 5 Star Service, you'll also be able to:

  • Return your product if you change your mind
  • Restart with the latest model
  • Take advantage of our pick up and hold service
3. How do I become a customer of BrightHouse?

To buy one of our top brand products at the advertised cash price, simply pop into one of our stores.

To get credit with BrightHouse you can apply online here and get an instant pre-approval decision in seconds*. Subject to affordability.

*Representative APR 69.9%

To complete the process once pre-approved, go into your local store and remember to take your two most recent bank statements as a proof of income and expenditure, one document to prove your identity and one document to prove your current address.

When you obtain credit from us we will assess your income and expenditure and perform a credit check to determine your level of affordability. You can view the full list of suitable documents here.

4. What documents do I need to take out a credit agreement at BrightHouse?

To complete your application, simply take your two most recent bank statements, one document to prove your identity and one documents to prove your address.

Click here to view the full list of suitable documents that we can accept.


5. What identification do I need to complete my application?

Along with your two most recent bank statements, please remember to bring one document to prove your identity and one document to prove your address.

For proof of identity please provide one of the following:

  • Full driving licence
  • Provisional driving licence, providing it’s less than three years old
  • Current UK & European Union passport
  • Current passport from outside of the EU, providing it’s accompanied by a valid visa
  • Debit Card

For proof of address please provide one of the following:

  • Full statement – no more than three months old or six if from the Post Office – from your bank, building society, credit union, credit card or store card
  • Household bill – no more than three months old – for gas, electricity, water, phone, cable or satellite TV, or council tax
  • Mortgage or rent confirmation in the form of a signed tenancy agreement, a rent book or card that’s no more than six months old, or a mortgage statement no more than 12 months old

If you don’t have any of the above click here to see what alternative proof of identification we accept or call our customer relations team on 0800 526 069.

6. Why do we need to see proof of identity, address & income?

We have to check the identity of all our customers to comply with money laundering regulations. These regulations aim to stop criminals from using financial products and services to launder money. They also protect you from criminals who might try to use your identity without you knowing!

7. Do I have to provide personal references?

Personal references are not required

8. Why was the offer changed in 27th April 2015?

BrightHouse require hire purchase goods to be covered against damage caused by fire, theft or accidental damage.

We regularly talk to customers to understand how we can deliver better value for them.

Whilst a great many of our customers do not have a separate home contents insurance policy and therefore greatly value our Product Insurance offering, this is not true for all of our customers. We will therefore now be offering our customers the choice of how they wish to benefit from the peace of mind that Product Insurance can offer.

If you took out your agreement from the 27th April 2015 and you did not have a home contents insurance policy or alternative insurance to cover Hire Purchase goods, our Product Insurance is available.

Product Insurance Cover provides cover for loss arising from the theft of your hire purchase goods or any loss or damage to them caused by fire or accident. It does not cover you if you lose the product (subject to Terms and Conditions).

If you took out your agreement prior to the 27 April 2015, our Protection Benefit Policy is included in the cash price of the product; therefore there is nothing extra to pay. The insurance provides cover for loss arising from the theft of your goods or any loss or damage to them caused by fire or accident. It does not cover you if you lose the product.

It does not cover loss or damage to anything other than hire purchase goods provided by BrightHouse. (subject to Terms and Conditions).

For more information on product cover click here.

9. Where do I find address and contact information for the BrightHouse stores?

All contact details for BrightHouse stores can be found on the BrightHouse store finder

10. What are the store opening times?

For store opening hours please check our Store Finder

11. What are the delivery timings for orders?

Delivery is within 7 days. However, this is subject to the following conditions:

  • Warehouse and store stock only (non-stock items may take longer)
  • The required proof of income, address, identity and insurance (where required) is provided before delivery

Delivery includes:

  • The product being delivered to your home
  • The product being assembled and installed*
  • All packaging will be removed

*You must have the appropriate connections to all relevant services

12. Can you deliver nationwide?

We have many stores throughout the country, but unfortunately there are some areas that are not covered yet. Keep checking back as we constantly review where we open new stores!

13. How many items can I take out on agreement?

When you obtain credit from us we will assess your income and expenditure and perform a credit check to determine your level of affordability.

For new customers, you may be limited to one item or a package deal when you sign up. Package deals are sometimes available for our white goods and furniture range.

If you do not qualify for a brand new item, you may qualify for one of our Quality Refurbished (QR) items with a lower weekly repayment.  By building up your payment history with us, you may be eligible to add on new items after a period of time.

Whether you are a new customer or a returning customer, the level of credit is determined by your credit record and on your income and expenditure, rather than the amount of products you take out on agreement. To find out if you're eligible, apply now

Please contact your local store who will be happy to help take you through the process, it should be quick and hassle free!

14. When can I add further items to my account?

Your local store will aim to advise you if you can add on to your account, when you make your payment.

The likelihood of adding further items on to your account are improved by ensuring your account is kept up-to-date.  For each further application we will assess your income and expenditure and perform a credit check to determine your level of affordability.

Please contact your local store if you have any questions about obtaining additional credit.

15. Can I pay my weekly bill by direct debit?

Yes, however this will be a monthly payment.

When paying by Direct Debit please be aware:

  • Your account must be up-to-date
  • You will be required to pay at a minimum of 4 weeks in advance
  • The Direct Debit will be taken on or around the 1st of each month
16. What happens if I cannot make a payment or if my account goes late?

If you are having difficulties in making payment, or if you have already missed a payment, please speak to your local store straight away. Our staff will listen, and aim to understand your circumstances.  They may be able to offer you help and advice or offer alternative solutions. We’re here to help!

Some of the options available to you may include:

  • Returning your item on a pick-up and hold basis, for a period of time, until your financial circumstances improve*. This means you will not lose any amount you’ve already paid towards your product.
  • Returning your items (some or all) with nothing further to pay*
  • Downgrading your items, to reduce your weekly payments. We can try and find you an alternative product which will reduce your weekly payment.
  • Rewrite you account to get you back on track (subject to continued affordability)

If you do not contact us after missing a payment, we will attempt to contact you. We’ll want to discuss your circumstances and agree on a course of action to help get your account back on track.

If you would like advice about how to manage your debts, you can do this for free by contacting:

Citizens’ Advice Bureau:

Website: www.nacab.org.uk

Step Change

Telephone: 0800 138 1111

Website: www.stepchange.org

National Debtline

Telephone: 0808 808 4000

Website: www.nationaldebtline.co.uk

Lending Policy

To view our lending policy, click here.

*(terms and conditions apply)

17. What's the APR?

The representative APR is 69.9% and fixed for the duration of the agreement. Your personal APR will vary, and is based on your credit rating and repayment history.

18. How do I make an Extended Service Cover (ESC) claim?

If you have our Extended Service Cover (ESC) and would like to make a claim, please contact your store to arrange this.

19. What is Service Cover and is it optional?

Optional Service Cover was available to customers who took out an agreement prior to 2nd September 2013.

The bonus of Optional Service Cover gives you the added benefit of a full service package together with peace of mind.

Optional Service Cover benefits;

  • It is optional
  • Covers cost of product repairs with a one-stop service
  • Response within 72 hours
  • Repair or loan replacement given (where applicable)
  • You can return your product for whatever reason, whenever you want, without penalty, with nothing more to pay. Goods must be undamaged and in good working order and repair.
  • If you return your product you can benefit from a restart voucher. (You can even restart your agreement up to 12 months later, and the payments you have made will still count against a product of similar age and specification).

For more information on product cover click here.

20. What happens to agreements taken out prior to 2nd September 2013?

The change to a Single Price Agreement does not affect any existing agreements. If you have taken out Optional Service Cover (OSC) and Damage Liability Cover (DLC) the benefits of these covers will remain unchanged for the duration of the agreement

21. Are there currently any job vacancies?

We are always happy to receive CV's for Retail, Service Centre and Head Office positions. If you are interested in joining the BrightHouse team please visit our recruitment website www.brighthousecareers.co.uk

22. Where can I find out more BrightHouse corporate information?

You can visit the BrightHouse corporate website for further company information on www.brighthousegroup.co.uk

23. Does bedroom furniture come fully assembled?

All of BrightHouse bedroom furniture is delivered fully assembled. Our products are designed so that the customer can easily secure the wardrobes safely to a fixed wall using the supplied securing kit.  BrightHouse supply the kit free of charge with clear instructions on how to use the kit, to make it simple for the customer to stabilise the product in the position required.  BrightHouse recommend that the securing kit is used and the instructions followed. Brighthouse will not accept responsibility if the instructions are not followed.

All BrightHouse wardrobes are designed to be static when in the room of choice. Transit castors that are attached to the wardrobe during delivery will be removed by the BrightHouse delivery installation team.

24. What cover is included in Product Insurance?

BrightHouse's Product Insurance Cover provides cover for any loss arising from the theft of your hire purchase goods or any loss or damage to them caused by fire or accident. It does not cover loss or damage to anything other than hire purchase goods provided by BrightHouse.

The insurance will not cover any loss or damage due to:

  • Normal wear and tear or gradual deterioration
  • Any process of renovation or repair
  • Climatic conditions, storms, flood, civil commotion or war
  • Dismantling in whole or part, or any repair attempted by any person other than a Technician
  • Wilful acts or neglect or misuse
  • Using the product outside of the manufacturer’s specifications and design.

The insurance will not cover any theft of hire purchase goods from your premises unless there is evidence of forcible or violent entry to or exit from your premises.

The policy only covers loss or damage caused by accident, fire and theft; it does not cover goods which are lost for any other reason.

25. Is your Product Insurance Cover optional or mandatory?

Your hire purchase agreement with BrightHouse contains an obligation to keep the relevant goods insured at all times against loss or damage caused by fire, theft or accident. You may have, or be thinking of buying, a household contents or other policy that will do this, which is perfectly acceptable. As an alternative, BrightHouse's Product Insurance Cover is available and provides cover for loss arising from the theft of your hire purchase goods or any loss or damage to them caused by fire or accident.

26. What is ServicePlus?

In addition to your statuatory rights, our Five Star Service includes a service warranty for unlimited repairs for your product. If your product needs repairing, we'll come and fix it. But remember, in order to benefit from this service, the product must remain in your possession and be held in England, Scotland or Wales.

Key Exclusions

The Service agreement does not cover repairs for malicious acts such as intentional damage or wilful neglect. You must ensure the goods are used carefully in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.


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  • Visit the store
  • Choose your product
  • Get your product delivered within 7 days

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