Agreements Prior to 2 September 2013

Product cover for agreements prior to 2 September 2013

If you took out an agreement prior to 2nd September 2013, you may also have chosen to take out either Optional Service Cover (OSC) or Damage Liability Cover (DLC).

Optional Service Cover (OSC)

With Optional Service Cover (OSC) you won’t need to find a penny extra if your product breaks down. We’ll aim to repair it or replace it quickly, with all parts and labour included - no hidden charges (terms and conditions apply).

Download full details of Optional Service Cover here.

Damage Liability Cover (DLC)

Damage Liability Cover (DLC) means that you will not have to continue to pay for your product if it is damaged or stolen. Our hire purchase goods must be covered against damage caused by fire, theft or accident*. If you do not have a home contents insurance policy or alternative insurance to cover hire purchase goods, BrightHouse’s DLC is available. 

*If the claim for stolen goods or goods beyond repair is valid and provided your payments are up-to-date, all future payments for your goods are paid off (the product will no be repaired)


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