Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues with our Hire Purchase agreements

buy now pay later catalogues

Our buy now pay later catalogue (facilitated by our Hire Purchase agreements) is filled with exciting, quality products for your home, including furniture for your living room, computing and electrical items, and entertainment. You can pick up a catalogue in any of our stores throughout the country, or download it from our website, where you can also keep an eye on new product launches.

We have flexible purchase terms on everything, which means you can buy what you need for your home right now without having to pay any deposits up-front.

Essential items for your home, such as sofas and kitchen appliances, can often have large deposits attached to them when purchased from other high street stores. BrightHouse offers the perfect alternative for customers who want these products but do not necessarily have funds for a large deposit, or may not have been offered credit elsewhere.

We offer flexible payment options on top brand products, enabling you to pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, and you can even use our 'What Can I Buy?' tool to select a product category and a budget to see what could be available to you.

Our buy now pay later catalogue means you can have access to the latest products and technologies for your home, including large-screen LED TVs, fabric and leather sofas, and gaming consoles with games included.

If you're in the market for a new TV then the Samsung 40" Smart LED 3D TV offers more than just fantastic HD image quality and eye-popping 3D. You can use motion control to change channels and adjust the volume with a wave of your hand, as well as voice interaction, so you never have to miss the start of your favourite programme while searching for the remote. It also comes with an integrated camera, 3D glasses. 

For something the whole family can have fun with, we have the Xbox 360 250GB console with Kinect bundle, including several Kinect-ready games, an Xbox remote, and 3 months of Xbox LIVE membership. Get your whole body in the game with the unique experience of Kinect, or use the controller to play the latest titles with your friends and family over Xbox LIVE. The built-in 250GB hard drive means you can save your games, store TV shows, films, music, pictures, and game demos, and lots of other content available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. 

With BrightHouse's Single Price Agreement, you won't need to spend a penny more if your product breaks down. We'll always aim to repair or replace it quickly, with all parts and labour included. You can also return your product at any time during your agreement, and you won't have to pay anything extra at all.


How it works

  • Complete our simple credit check
  • Visit the store
  • Choose your product
  • Get your product delivered within 7 days

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